Well........I did a thing......

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  1. Josh Rossello

    Josh Rossello10 days ago

    John please don't kidnap kids. And you should put free fishing gear on the side. Scare Sam with the van and then kidnap him.

  2. shxtevo tank

    shxtevo tank10 days ago

    so many people thinking the same thing. i was going to comment around the lines of a box full of candy and a map of local schools but someone beat me to it.

  3. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors10 days ago


  4. bhead87

    bhead872 days ago

    Have you considered getting it wrapped? Minn dak logos, youtube channel, adding googan squad, dux, catch co etc. Maybe those companies would help offset getting the wrap done and they gain traction too. Win. Win.

  5. donny russo

    donny russo3 days ago


  6. Jason Babcock

    Jason Babcock4 days ago

    I would not paint in there. Maybe the ceiling but that’s it

  7. Hunnitbenz

    Hunnitbenz4 days ago

    Can you post the vid of you and the “girl” casting in there? 🤨

  8. ICY_NKL Lee

    ICY_NKL Lee5 days ago

    Name it beef cake

  9. ICY_NKL Lee

    ICY_NKL Lee5 days ago

    Get led strip and put them on top

  10. Bucket Mouth Junkie

    Bucket Mouth Junkie5 days ago

    Dayuuuum that looks better than Perics 😂 Sweet Van 💪🏾

  11. Cody Hubbeling

    Cody Hubbeling5 days ago

    You either didnt listen to her when you bought it or she didnt give you any real run down on the van. You were all over the place and you didnt know how/what things work

  12. Henry Simon

    Henry Simon6 days ago

    Dont paint that gorgeous wood! Slap a new coat of varnish on and shine her up

  13. G_Lee _J

    G_Lee _J6 days ago

    Also. Make some OnlyFan vids.

  14. G_Lee _J

    G_Lee _J6 days ago

    Lift and wheels for sure. That way it's got the overland vibe.

  15. chase fisher

    chase fisher6 days ago

    I really hope you didn’t pay 10k for that

  16. lucky charm

    lucky charm6 days ago

    Check out Foresty Forest's channel for a lifted 4x4 version of a camper van. You can have some killer adventures.

  17. James Walters

    James Walters6 days ago

    Also there is a 12 volt charging acc port underneath that will work for phones without pulling off your 120 volt circuit.

  18. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith6 days ago

    You need to get it wrapped. A MinnDak logo with a fish or three. Uncreepify it dude.

  19. Tyson Dunne

    Tyson Dunne7 days ago

    Gotta call it the MinnDakmobile

  20. Luke Lostroscio

    Luke Lostroscio7 days ago

    Buy a Jon Boat and tow it around the Midwest, Roof racks with room for a rod holder and kayak mounts, an awning for the side of the van.

  21. Daniel Martin 7307

    Daniel Martin 73077 days ago

    Yee Ole Hook N’ Cooker

  22. Supersaladbxtch

    Supersaladbxtch7 days ago

    keep the same channel

  23. FishermanPhilx

    FishermanPhilx7 days ago

    check the suspension and see if you can upgrade the tires for off road use/road use

  24. Travis Wicks

    Travis Wicks7 days ago

    Call it the hookin' hotel

  25. Fabulous MsTasha

    Fabulous MsTasha7 days ago

    Great buy!❤

  26. Chase Shaner

    Chase Shaner7 days ago

    MinnDak Machine

  27. Sidney Clack

    Sidney Clack7 days ago

    No doubt follow your heart and make another channel about The Van Life, but they both can have an Intanglement from time to time 😆 🤣 😂

  28. Tommy Rainwater

    Tommy Rainwater8 days ago

    Lift,tires,possibly a brush guard and led headlights and light bars

  29. Joanna Wathen

    Joanna Wathen8 days ago

    The Googan meister.

  30. Rboys Tv

    Rboys Tv8 days ago

    Bruh don’t paint the wood. But also get the van wrapped.

  31. Logan Gionet

    Logan Gionet8 days ago

    And honestly I’m just gonna stick to watching ur brother cause your hella Annoying

  32. Logan Gionet

    Logan Gionet8 days ago

    I love how your saying to live in lol but u have a house a girl friend sooo calling van camping

  33. Mr Beast

    Mr Beast8 days ago

    That one “CREEPY” AS* Van that just parked in your neighborhood...

  34. caden culbert

    caden culbert8 days ago

    Honestly just do more epic shit like usual and travel farther for longer. Do shed hunting, scouting/hiking, arrowhead hunting or Native American history finding. Medal detecting is a cool one that is super over looked I remember lunkers phase with it super cool. Obviously hunting but that’s not the season rn. Maybe even like shooting range video. Idk just some ideas

  35. its me

    its me8 days ago

    you should paint it like the scooby doo van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. j ryder

    j ryder8 days ago

    don't paint it its knotty pine, leave it natural, and clear coat it with a polyurethane

  37. Outdoor adventures97

    Outdoor adventures978 days ago

    Van-essa (vanessa) or vanderala sound nice hahaha

  38. Aidan Head

    Aidan Head8 days ago

    keep it all on the same channel.

  39. Alaskan Gamer.

    Alaskan Gamer.8 days ago

    Collabs with mav🤔

  40. I’m_justJr

    I’m_justJr8 days ago

    Ik I’m late but what on Sam hell is going on 😂 kids don’t go to the van he has no Candy 😂

  41. HuntersOutdoorFarmRanch

    HuntersOutdoorFarmRanch8 days ago

    Hey dude u should cover up ur license plate

  42. Alex Landry

    Alex Landry8 days ago

    U should put some kind of hooks on the ceiling to put ur rods

  43. Thomas Voeltz

    Thomas Voeltz8 days ago

    A 2nd channel for the Van.

  44. Zachary Cleppe

    Zachary Cleppe8 days ago

    Are you still using your rooftop tent?

  45. Bradly Howard

    Bradly Howard8 days ago

    At first I thought 10 grand for a 20 year old van but for a camper van what a deal 👍

  46. Cohen Spitzer

    Cohen Spitzer9 days ago

    Paint the exterior all black with white minnDak logo then new wheels preferably chrome rims new lights on the inside as well

  47. jordan poe

    jordan poe9 days ago

    Every one living in vans now 😂

  48. Ryan

    Ryan9 days ago

    so in between the two storage areas on the bed is there a third storage area where the water tank is?

  49. Ryan Hansberry

    Ryan Hansberry9 days ago

    Why would you paint that beautiful natural wood? You should leave the wood the way it is.

  50. Will Crosbie

    Will Crosbie9 days ago

    Get it wrapped

  51. Ross Riggs

    Ross Riggs9 days ago

    And stuff like that

  52. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors9 days ago


  53. Big Z

    Big Z9 days ago

    If you want hot water they make some pretty cheap propane on-demand water heaters. Having hot water makes things a lot more comfortable

  54. Louis Allen

    Louis Allen9 days ago

    Gerald is the perfect name

  55. Alan Call

    Alan Call9 days ago

    Living in a Van down by the river


    HUNTING NT9 days ago

    Looks like a good rig Hopefully hasn’t got too many miles on the engine

  57. tuffstuff 727

    tuffstuff 7279 days ago

    How many miles on that sucka? I'd love to have one

  58. Bram Riccardi

    Bram Riccardi9 days ago

    Yeah dude this is What i want to do when im older. Well gd and hf.😂

  59. Justin Piercy

    Justin Piercy9 days ago

    This is literally really cool and stuff like that.

  60. Cory Rogers

    Cory Rogers9 days ago

    Keep it all on one channel.


    RAGEQUITRYAN9 days ago

    U left out the reason for why it was 10 k

  62. Nolan Oberloh

    Nolan Oberloh9 days ago

    Lake side van camping catch and cook

  63. julien hervieux

    julien hervieux9 days ago

    You can get a second channel just for the road trip part! And try to catch a fish in each state!

  64. Richard Soto

    Richard Soto9 days ago

    Keep it on the same channel!

  65. Iseov Vinco

    Iseov Vinco9 days ago

    Don't hate on crank windows lol, ol' reliable

  66. Han Lee

    Han Lee9 days ago

    Jesus saves

  67. M. Isaac Park

    M. Isaac Park9 days ago

    2 channels makes it confusing. Also, natural wood looks great.

  68. J B

    J B9 days ago

    Use the right kind of primer before you paint. Go to a sherwin williams and ask them for product recommendations. Use the wrong stuff and the stain will bleed through and the paint will scrape off easily

  69. FishNY

    FishNY9 days ago

    Gotta road trip North, for an epic part 2 in Alaska! Do all the greatest hits up that coast. Prolly then makes sense to get a satellite internet connection on the van so that you can upload in real time in case I run out of stuff to watch at work, lol. Maybe call the thing VannDak? The Lodge? Tentougie? Since it's a bougie tent essentially? Idk.

  70. Xavier Best

    Xavier Best9 days ago

    Catch a fish in every of the lower 48 states for a summer trip/series

  71. Aiden Griffin

    Aiden Griffin9 days ago

    You should name her Betsy and you are doing great love the new ideas and the idea of the new channel👍👍👍👍

  72. nick kominos

    nick kominos9 days ago

    The booty bus!

  73. rob

    rob9 days ago

    Would’ve been way better if you built it from scratch instead of buying one already done. Poor job

  74. Cody Jorgensen

    Cody Jorgensen9 days ago

    Leave the wood, looks decent. Cut your fingernails.

  75. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors9 days ago


  76. HaydenArter

    HaydenArter9 days ago

    That window tint tho

  77. bloodvow333

    bloodvow3339 days ago

    dak attack

  78. Russel Murray

    Russel Murray9 days ago

    I bought a 1997 Dodge 1500 250,000 miles for $700.00 and I know the mechanic who changed the oil and maintained it for 20 years and I live in it for 4 years and replaced the water pump and ball joints and bought tires a few times and change the oil regular and it's a great home plus I've installed solar panels and inverter and a dog lolhahahaha and we live far far away on another planet

  79. M Port

    M Port9 days ago

    I see he’s taking a page out of Mavrik’s book lol

  80. David W

    David W9 days ago

    Don't paint that wood. It looks awesome the way it is

  81. ModernAdventure

    ModernAdventure9 days ago

    Please get it vinyl wrapped with the MinnDak logo. loose the white paint.

  82. Parker Sonnabend

    Parker Sonnabend9 days ago

    Name it "Vana White!!!"

  83. Parker Sonnabend

    Parker Sonnabend9 days ago

    Please name it "Vana White!!"

  84. Jonathan Thompson

    Jonathan Thompson9 days ago

    I would like the van video to be a series on this channel. Like “van build Series”

  85. Thomas Collins

    Thomas Collins9 days ago

    Make a second channel for the van but don’t slow down on the posting on this channel

  86. Jason Branson

    Jason Branson9 days ago

    It's Staind pine for the most part

  87. The Donut

    The Donut9 days ago

    Put a gun rack there so when you go duck or goose hunting that would look mint

  88. Tines, Fins and Feathers

    Tines, Fins and Feathers9 days ago


  89. Craig Shanto

    Craig Shanto9 days ago

    I really hope you didn't spend ten grand on that

  90. Ryan Kloosterman

    Ryan Kloosterman9 days ago

    Move the storage and rotate your bed to length wise. Would be bigger job but soo worth it. Get peric to help ! Haha

  91. Aiden Peryam

    Aiden Peryam9 days ago

    You need to lift it a little bit and get new rims and tires

  92. Savior

    Savior9 days ago

    The Flair-like intros and sounds are really cringe. You bought a junker btw🥴

  93. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors9 days ago


  94. Hunting vids

    Hunting vids9 days ago

    Mindack name your van the mindack Airbnb

  95. Hunting vids

    Hunting vids9 days ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors its a awesome name

  96. Hunting vids

    Hunting vids9 days ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors pleas do it

  97. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors9 days ago

    That would be cool

  98. Jacob Winn

    Jacob Winn9 days ago

    Contact Decked and see if they can custom fit a better bed for it! Keep it all one channel!

  99. Matt Garland

    Matt Garland9 days ago

    Just keep all the content here and we will watch as it happens while you travel down the road and do what you do

  100. Matt Garland

    Matt Garland9 days ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors sweet hope it's what you choose to do mate

  101. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors9 days ago


  102. T Dééh

    T Dééh9 days ago

    Plzzz John buy a hitch storage platform for your gear haha and also hooooyyuuuaaaahh 😂😂 love the vids

  103. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors9 days ago

    That would be lit

  104. Emilio Ramlochan

    Emilio Ramlochan10 days ago

    Get the van wrapped but put Sam's face on the hood or the back plus the sink could be a little bigger but definitely put some rod holders on the ceiling of the van and 2 shotties could go in place of the shelf.

  105. Al Fjerstad

    Al Fjerstad10 days ago

    Don’t paint over the wood inside the van. I think it will look really ugly.

  106. madtownangler

    madtownangler10 days ago

    I thought you were single again there for a couple minutes. Now you just gotta put a fishing rack somewhere in it.

  107. James

    James10 days ago

    To live in ??? He will be done with this van when he is finished editing the video.

  108. James

    James10 days ago

    You overpaid

  109. Jared Davis

    Jared Davis10 days ago

    Next thing you know jon is hitting up peric for advice on building a van

  110. Jared Davis

    Jared Davis10 days ago

    Jon you are honestly my most valuable person and my idol for fishing because you fish the same species and strats as i do in upstate Rochester ny

  111. bbThe Bot

    bbThe Bot10 days ago

    Seeing you travel up to some mountain lakes and fish/camp would be awesome. And if you were interested there’s incredible scenery and mountain lakes to do so up here in Washington. Btw you should check out NW fishing secrets he’s got a similar van and some awesome mountain vids.

  112. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors10 days ago


  113. Brady Olson

    Brady Olson10 days ago

    Don’t make a second channel keep it all minndak

  114. Dan M

    Dan M10 days ago

    Did you test drive her

  115. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors10 days ago