LIVE BAIT vs ARTIFICIAL LURE River Walleye Fishing Challenge!

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Finally got on a good river walleye bite! You'll be surprised what bait slayed the fish! Thanks for Watching!


  1. Jon Kelley

    Jon Kelley9 days ago

    I started really using blade baits last fall on Castle Rock and it was a blast. I stocked up on them over the winter. I'm ready.

  2. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson Stroup11 days ago


  3. Kayak Angler

    Kayak Angler11 days ago

    Nice job

  4. Josiah Vue

    Josiah Vue12 days ago

    If it is please can you tell me where it is

  5. Josiah Vue

    Josiah Vue12 days ago

    Is this in minisota

  6. Devin Thom

    Devin Thom13 days ago

    My favorite live bait are leeches for walleye

  7. Outdoors Man

    Outdoors Man14 days ago

    Was there much of a current in there?

  8. Will Casey

    Will Casey16 days ago

    what part of the fox river are you fishing?

  9. HuntnFish Riz

    HuntnFish Riz18 days ago

    Did u go to the rock river Sunday if so any luck?

  10. Jacob Sweere

    Jacob Sweere18 days ago

    #FTF 💩

  11. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors17 days ago


  12. Quốc lang thang Vlog

    Quốc lang thang Vlog18 days ago

    Hello good morning 🐟🎣 fishing 👍 like 19:00 thank you 👍💯

  13. Kogan Longlais

    Kogan Longlais19 days ago

    Saw you out there up by the dam, are biggest this year was a 31”

  14. PyroxDeath

    PyroxDeath19 days ago

    Man your always doing something amazing just subbed love the content

  15. Xolye Vue

    Xolye Vue19 days ago

    Slayed them in Colorado with HD trout jerk baits and red/white tubes haha. Probably gonna try something new this weekend now!

  16. Jordan Wiggins

    Jordan Wiggins19 days ago

    Man, would be a great time catching that many walleye with artificial. Great video! What kind of reel were you using if you don't mind sharing?

  17. 701 Nation

    701 Nation19 days ago

    why did cody leave

  18. Ethan Grover

    Ethan Grover19 days ago

    so exciting to see some open water fishing again, I cant wait to get out there myself

  19. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors19 days ago

    Heck yeah

  20. Dylan Tighe

    Dylan Tighe19 days ago

    What brand of blade baits are you guys using?

  21. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors19 days ago

    I have no clue lol

  22. Christian Williams

    Christian Williams19 days ago

    Mintsack outducks

  23. Dru Brasi

    Dru Brasi19 days ago

    Blade baits are a great bait I have a couple boxes of them I prefer them over rippin raps

  24. 555 Fishing

    555 Fishing20 days ago

    Bring code back for more

  25. hunter Sanders

    hunter Sanders20 days ago

    Bro bring me out me and my dad can’t get nothing from shore please

  26. Senor Frog

    Senor Frog20 days ago

    I use hotdog and eagle claw hook, works well.

  27. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors20 days ago


  28. David Tisch

    David Tisch20 days ago

    We still ice fishing walleyes on devils lake open water in some spots on the red river but nobody’s catches eyes yet at the spill ways but we ready water temps are good 40s so any day now

  29. Chris Shaw

    Chris Shaw20 days ago

    So sweet to have friends to put you on fish like that.

  30. Henrik David

    Henrik David4 days ago

    @Tripp Malachi checking it out now. Seems promising :)

  31. Tripp Malachi

    Tripp Malachi4 days ago

    dont know if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Find it on google ;)

  32. Joshua leal

    Joshua leal20 days ago

    Nice to c Cody on the channel again my dude can I get a ohhhhhh yeahhhhh

  33. randy koosmann

    randy koosmann20 days ago

    Atta boy! Slayin those bad boys!

  34. Brad Armstrong

    Brad Armstrong20 days ago

    It was great seeing you, Nick and Cody out there putting the smack down.

  35. Alex Walsh

    Alex Walsh20 days ago

    Awesome video minndak outdoors

  36. Hayden Albro-McWatters

    Hayden Albro-McWatters20 days ago

    try jiggin raps

  37. Patrick Doan

    Patrick Doan20 days ago

    Damn Cody back in a minndak vid😂😂

  38. Mike Aquino

    Mike Aquino20 days ago

    Killed it you guys love it keep them coming

  39. Mike Aquino

    Mike Aquino20 days ago

    Just ordered blade baits

  40. KsOutdoorSports

    KsOutdoorSports20 days ago

    Awesome bite dudes! Love watching those Fox River fish come in.

  41. Carter Garland

    Carter Garland20 days ago

    What brand blade baits are those

  42. Tj Yang

    Tj Yang20 days ago

    you should try pool 4 in MN in red wing.

  43. Greg Romero

    Greg Romero20 days ago

    Bro I know that wrist feeling I fish the Columbia there’s some hogs out here right below the Mcnary Dam there’s some absolute pigs.

  44. CPAngling

    CPAngling20 days ago

    You were fishing right infront me. I was fishing on the bank and watched you guys put the hammer on them. I also caught one on a blade bait right infront of your guys

  45. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors20 days ago


  46. idk

    idk21 day ago

    Clappin clappin! Much luvv

  47. Bill Hamllik

    Bill Hamllik21 day ago

    Sheeew my guy big papi

  48. YourLootMyLoot

    YourLootMyLoot21 day ago

    what rods were you using?

  49. Captain Beefylog

    Captain Beefylog21 day ago

    I thought you were channeling your inner Flair but then you got in amongst them. Nicely done. It's refreshing to see someone mounting an auxiliary motor. Don't see much of that these days. (God I feel old lol) Live mullet have been doing it for me lately (saltwater).

  50. Hunt ‘n Fish Pardee

    Hunt ‘n Fish Pardee21 day ago

    Was up yesterday and got skunked basically until we put on a chrome/blue #7 rippin rap. Then we caught about 25, 16-20” fish. No piggies for us.

  51. The Fishing Expat

    The Fishing Expat21 day ago

    I have actually had a lot of success on artificials for Zander here in Germany, both vertically and casting

  52. Kavion Franklin

    Kavion Franklin21 day ago

    Keep doing Wisconsin keep doing videos

  53. Jake Calliou-Bousquet

    Jake Calliou-Bousquet21 day ago

    You inspired me so much

  54. Nick Strowbridge

    Nick Strowbridge21 day ago

    Cheeked up in those bibs, nice vid John

  55. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors20 days ago


  56. Limitless

    Limitless21 day ago

    Good to see Cody back

  57. Sam Hardel

    Sam Hardel21 day ago

    We slay the walleye on the Minnesota river with those blade baits

  58. Anthony Weigand

    Anthony Weigand21 day ago

    Ok John I wasn’t that jealous when you were out in the hurricane winds. But today......😂😂

  59. Hamill Leary

    Hamill Leary21 day ago


  60. Fish Happy

    Fish Happy21 day ago

    I’m fish happy!!!

  61. Robert Funk

    Robert Funk21 day ago

    Great video John. I always like to use artificial baits whenever I can to catch fish, no matter what spices I'm fishing for. It is a lot funner to fool them with a artificial lure.

  62. Jasmin Green

    Jasmin Green21 day ago


  63. Isaac Brigger

    Isaac Brigger21 day ago

    Where did you buy those blade baits ?

  64. Leng Vang

    Leng Vang21 day ago

    Heck yeah wassup Cody good fishing with good friends

  65. Jacob Permenter

    Jacob Permenter21 day ago

    Do a gun vid

  66. Seth W Shoup

    Seth W Shoup21 day ago

    Keep up the great vids please

  67. Seth Larson

    Seth Larson21 day ago

    what brand and weight of line do you use? im really diggin it!

  68. Nolan Shea

    Nolan Shea21 day ago

    Was there the same day u were

  69. Reily Wood

    Reily Wood21 day ago

    John claps cheeks eh

  70. Hank Skills

    Hank Skills21 day ago

    Nice you should try tube jogs

  71. Hank Skills

    Hank Skills20 days ago

    @Derrick Eischens I use them for every thing

  72. Derrick Eischens

    Derrick Eischens21 day ago

    Those are for smallmouth

  73. MR Who

    MR Who21 day ago

    I have to say the variety of things you do on your channel is crazy, I can appreciate the work you put in to make this all happen, well done

  74. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors20 days ago

    Thank you

  75. what's good

    what's good21 day ago

    Notification gang

  76. F. H. The wild hunter

    F. H. The wild hunter21 day ago

    Great to see you back on the water

  77. Kōsuke Noriko

    Kōsuke Noriko21 day ago


  78. Crystal_B TV

    Crystal_B TV21 day ago

    This man is incredible

  79. North woods Fishing

    North woods Fishing21 day ago


  80. Brevin and Ryder

    Brevin and Ryder21 day ago