Catching BIG Pre-Spawn Walleyes on Walmart Lures!

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Grabbed some fishing lures from Walmart to catch some big fish!



    MERICAN MIKE5 hours ago

  2. Re Wadena

    Re Wadena17 hours ago

    "minndak"code didn't work for me at mtb website.

  3. Northwest Rivers Fishing

    Northwest Rivers FishingDay ago

    That was a great promo lmfao. No way walmart sells MTB...🤣

  4. Ethan Doube

    Ethan DoubeDay ago

    The white wheeler

  5. No Way Jose Fishing

    No Way Jose FishingDay ago

    Yall got to get to Clayton, New Mexico for them 18lb walleye! Get them lines tight!

  6. FishForDinner

    FishForDinnerDay ago

    Nice fish man it is it ever beautiful there fishing Is my happy place glad to see everyone enjoy it!

  7. Matthew Eastmoor Park DeVries

    Matthew Eastmoor Park DeVriesDay ago

    Why you cracking on Walmart lures MinnDak that’s the problem now a days.. Got a buy the best lures most of all those lures you buy like mega bass and Lucky Craft are just catching Fisherman. They bite on sound and flash not on color. Been a marine Biologist for 20yrs I know.

  8. Henry Mckoskey

    Henry MckoskeyDay ago

    John, get the van custom painted or something!

  9. Mark Bushlack

    Mark Bushlack2 days ago

    The man van

  10. Elias Vanengen

    Elias Vanengen2 days ago

    Seeing thru Sheboygan and do some steelhead fishing and name it the slam van

  11. Michigan Mike

    Michigan Mike2 days ago

    I catch walleye on spoons all the time! Let it flutter to the bottom and slowly retrieve up. Probably caught more walleye in my home lake on spoons than anything else bro!

  12. Jack valk

    Jack valk2 days ago

    Walleye video's are defendly the best bro!🔥👍🏻

  13. Jack valk

    Jack valk2 days ago

    Chupapi vanañyo

  14. j ryder

    j ryder2 days ago

    any crank bright orange ive found works great on the great lakes

  15. j ryder

    j ryder2 days ago

    any big rap i saw one there, the silver and black 3in 1/2incher would crush them walleye

  16. Steve Chappell

    Steve Chappell2 days ago

    Why would you throw the fish back? They are good eating.

  17. Ro Rongavilla

    Ro Rongavilla2 days ago

    The banging lure.... van

  18. Andrew Hoeft

    Andrew Hoeft2 days ago

    Does sweery have a USlikes?

  19. Daniel Mastin

    Daniel Mastin2 days ago

    John's Stabbin Cabin !!!!

  20. jerr1n

    jerr1n2 days ago

    Why don’t you do catch clean cooks anymore?

  21. Turner Gordon

    Turner Gordon2 days ago

    Love the walleye vids, keep em coming 🤟

  22. Bashanky

    Bashanky2 days ago

    The Sugar Shack

  23. Luke Johnson

    Luke Johnson2 days ago

    I can’t wait to get fly fishing where I’m at

  24. Parker Sonnabend

    Parker Sonnabend2 days ago

    Like I said I think it should be "Vana White!!" Also I'm from the green bay area and saw you guys out there!!

  25. Parker Sonnabend

    Parker Sonnabend2 days ago

    Or "Ghost Buster, Frostbite, or Great White" since it's white.

  26. Damn Chinn

    Damn Chinn2 days ago

    Damn Greenbay Walmart west! Use to work there for 4 years. Lol but you should check out fleet farms next time. They got some nice fishing gear too.

  27. Kayak Angler

    Kayak Angler2 days ago

    Banger !

  28. Preston Lund

    Preston Lund2 days ago

    I tried your code for mystery tackle box and it wouldn't except it. I typed minndak

  29. Bison 500 Binek

    Bison 500 Binek3 days ago

    White chocolate

  30. Leng Vang

    Leng Vang3 days ago

    Them were some nice walleyes ya released congrats and nice catch and release

  31. Ashton Sundgaard

    Ashton Sundgaard3 days ago

    I was in Green Bay last week

  32. Sam Hardel

    Sam Hardel3 days ago

    Are you using braid?

  33. Hunter Miller

    Hunter Miller3 days ago

    We all know that box wasn’t for sale at Walmart u braugt that

  34. is.unavailable is.unavailable3 days ago

    The Minni-dak? Even though its not a mini van....

  35. Action Now Outdoor Adventures

    Action Now Outdoor Adventures3 days ago


  36. Jesus Marino

    Jesus Marino3 days ago

    Great video like always 🙏🏻

  37. Chris Shaw

    Chris Shaw3 days ago

    Crankin Caravan

  38. Mikey Davis

    Mikey Davis3 days ago

    Rims on a trailer. Excellent work

  39. This Guy

    This Guy3 days ago

    Jesus Christ bro... Wanna catch some 30's? Come on out to Mother Eire brah 🤘😎

  40. BenJaGaming 06

    BenJaGaming 063 days ago

    Dude I love your content

  41. Jack Welch

    Jack Welch3 days ago

    10:03 "Back to the ol Walmart lure" Fake it till ya make it lol

  42. Lucas Olson

    Lucas Olson3 days ago

    That new whip a gas guzzler?

  43. B. Lang

    B. Lang3 days ago

    Walleye wagon

  44. Gage Backman

    Gage Backman3 days ago

    minndak mobile

  45. LakeVermilionDreams

    LakeVermilionDreams3 days ago

    You totally stole that rippin rap by putting it into the MTB didn't you

  46. Louis .G

    Louis .G3 days ago

    “Going back to the Walmart lure” not even the same one that came in the box 🤣 I see you working out here

  47. Louis .G

    Louis .G3 days ago

    @LakeVermilionDreams hahaha takes a good dude to admit when he’s wrong!

  48. LakeVermilionDreams

    LakeVermilionDreams3 days ago

    @Louis .G you're right! I posted before I reached that far in the video! Got me! I'm not too ashamed to admit I was premature!

  49. Louis .G

    Louis .G3 days ago

    @LakeVermilionDreams it’s almost like at 10:00 you didn’t pay attention, different color than what he got in the box from Walmart. 5:06 and 10:00 🤣😂🤣🤣 be more observant son.

  50. LakeVermilionDreams

    LakeVermilionDreams3 days ago

    It's almost like he says so at 7:54...

  51. Hubert Strzalkowski

    Hubert Strzalkowski3 days ago

    The van should be named BERTHA. lol or white lightning

  52. Captain Beefylog

    Captain Beefylog3 days ago

    Sometimes I wish we had Wally World where I live. The variety and prices are insane compared to Australia. I suppose having 15 times our population would do that lol.

  53. Shane Queen

    Shane Queen3 days ago

    Call it the nutsack

  54. 10CC

    10CC3 days ago


  55. madtownangler

    madtownangler3 days ago

    Walmarts in Wisconsin kind of suck for fishing. Here in Madison we have a hardware store that is probably 1/2 musky fishing stuff. Fishing pole selection is kind of crappy but they have an entire wall of reels. Don't think I've been in a boat with Cardi Bee playing though.

  56. Mathew Peterson

    Mathew Peterson3 days ago

    I bought the same #84 MTB walleye box and it does not include a rippin rap. I think that’s why you didn’t show the slip that shows the contents of the box.

  57. BigGalli

    BigGalli3 days ago

    not going to lie the more i see these rods the more i want one

  58. Levi DeForest

    Levi DeForest3 days ago

    You should name your van The Saucy Sleeper

  59. Chris Martin

    Chris Martin3 days ago

    Rhoda!!! (New Subscriber here!) I’ve been watching all your videos, and finally subscribed! Happy fishing my guy. 🤙🏽🤙🏽🎣

  60. douglas deboer jr

    douglas deboer jr3 days ago

    You should check out the t2 toothpick by cold snap out doors there out of South Dakota . There amazing i wear it all year long .

  61. Amir Vinepal

    Amir Vinepal3 days ago

    Lol looks like snow geese

  62. Amir Vinepal

    Amir Vinepal3 days ago

    Goose wagon

  63. Triston Griess

    Triston Griess3 days ago

    THE WHITE CAN HAHA, by the way I think you should paint the van

  64. Jamie Grady

    Jamie Grady3 days ago

    It looked like the “Walmart lure” was actually a brand name Rapala lure. Walmart does sell generic lures that aren’t as good as Rapala. Add a blade to the Rapala lure and I think your catch ratio will increase.

  65. Jamie Grady

    Jamie Grady3 days ago

    Reel line take up could effect the retrieval speed. The brown lure had the blade on the rear treble. Those two factors need to be considered. Try the blade on the rippin rap from the MTB Also try the brown lure on the other rod reel combo.

  66. Bryson Square

    Bryson Square3 days ago

    Suzan the van

  67. dannyboii1760

    dannyboii17603 days ago

    Blanca ( can be a name or the color white in Spanish )

  68. Willie Mccarty

    Willie Mccarty3 days ago

    Lip ripper mobile

  69. Cloud's Outdoors

    Cloud's Outdoors3 days ago

    The MARSH- mellow

  70. CD CO.

    CD CO.3 days ago

    Y’all should do a van and truck camping vid, you and ol slay daddy. 2 povs 👀

  71. Tom

    Tom3 days ago

    Click bait

  72. Jayden White

    Jayden White3 days ago

    The take me van

  73. Ur Dad

    Ur Dad3 days ago

    That’s fucked boys only 400 likes

  74. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors3 days ago


  75. Jacob Sweere

    Jacob Sweere3 days ago

    Nope, no walleyes over here in Green Bay!

  76. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors3 days ago


  77. richchee thao

    richchee thao3 days ago

    You should hit up stiles too since you're in the area.

  78. Tom

    Tom3 days ago

    What are stiles?

  79. Fab ulous

    Fab ulous3 days ago

    Jon slaying the Walters on the open water!

  80. scott thompson

    scott thompson3 days ago

    call the Knotty Van. Because of the naughty pine wood inside.

  81. Hunter White

    Hunter White3 days ago

    Broo let’s got this boy to 2000 likes!

  82. Skylar Lamblez

    Skylar Lamblez3 days ago

    White lightning

  83. Outlaw Angler

    Outlaw Angler3 days ago

    South dakota is going hard on the crappies now. U and Sam need to get on that lake u and him got them crappies. You should know what im talking about. They hitting good. Got my limit last Sunday. I'll be going again this Saturday

  84. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors3 days ago


  85. Ben Ide

    Ben Ide3 days ago

    Inland Van!

  86. Tim Wagner

    Tim Wagner3 days ago

    In Kansas the guys pop binks-spoons off the bottom. And catch walleyes. Try that spoon off bottom!

  87. Kolby Thoune

    Kolby Thoune3 days ago

    Should have grabbed some twister tails or a flicker shad! Try it out sometime!!

  88. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors3 days ago


  89. Garrison Hansen

    Garrison Hansen3 days ago

    The crusty camper

  90. lexheng07

    lexheng073 days ago


  91. Lake Erie Legends Outdoors

    Lake Erie Legends Outdoors3 days ago

    glossed right over the flicker minnows they produce on lake erie for walleyes

  92. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson3 days ago

    MinnDak Clap Shack MinnDack Slap Shack

  93. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors3 days ago


  94. Tyler Bowling

    Tyler Bowling3 days ago


  95. Koalafie d

    Koalafie d3 days ago

    Vanessa Wagoner

  96. ShadyBradyOfficial

    ShadyBradyOfficial3 days ago

    Why don't you catch and cook one of those big guys?

  97. Jake Rade

    Jake Rade3 days ago

    Shaggin wagon

  98. Ben Hasper

    Ben Hasper3 days ago

    I’m gonna say green back even though it doesn’t have a green back you should paint it so it has a green back

  99. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson3 days ago

    MinnDak smack shack! Great fish!

  100. King Big

    King Big3 days ago

    Name it the candy shack

  101. Breven Sanford

    Breven Sanford3 days ago

    Creeper van

  102. KEVIN

    KEVIN3 days ago

    Slabbin Cabin Baby. Stackem

  103. Alex Walsh

    Alex Walsh3 days ago

    Awesome videos lately

  104. Seth Marty

    Seth Marty3 days ago

    The Mindak Mobile 🤣🤣🤣

  105. Seth Marty

    Seth Marty3 days ago

    Jon or Sam

  106. Seth Marty

    Seth Marty3 days ago

    Hi Mindak

  107. Casey Curry

    Casey Curry3 days ago

    The rammer or the walleye wagon

  108. Russ

    Russ3 days ago

    toss or troll a bottom bouncer with that silver floating Rapala and you will hammer the walleye

  109. Garrett Garrett

    Garrett Garrett3 days ago

    the man van

  110. Austin Clayson

    Austin Clayson3 days ago

    What’d he do sell the taco?

  111. Austin Clayson

    Austin Clayson3 days ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors good I was low key worried

  112. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors3 days ago

    Helllll no

  113. adrian white

    adrian white3 days ago

    Minndakk shack?I'll think of more names

  114. Jake Krohn

    Jake Krohn3 days ago

    MTB is not available at stores first off, secondly you didn’t even use MTB or Walmart baits.

  115. Noah Grunerud

    Noah Grunerud3 days ago

    The van needs to be called free candy 😂😂 jokes jokes. All seriousness, the adventure wagon

  116. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors3 days ago


  117. F U STFU

    F U STFU3 days ago

    What's up

  118. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors3 days ago

    Chillin you