Jigging Plastics for Green Bay Spring Walleyes!

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The boys and I take on Green Bay and the Fox River! Hope you enjoy!


  1. BobbyGuyFilms

    BobbyGuyFilms24 days ago

    Intro got a guy goin...

  2. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago


  3. Slam Ham

    Slam Ham24 days ago

    It do be though 😂😂🤦‍♂️

  4. Jack Goth

    Jack Goth19 days ago

    That intro tho someone got hamerd last night 😂😂😂

  5. This Guy

    This Guy21 day ago

    You should hit up the Detroit River bro! To bad Border is closed,

  6. Whaley outdoors

    Whaley outdoors22 days ago

    No expert but i believe the warted walleye is actually a victim of a hungry lamprey maybe. Heard that can cause that anyway.

  7. Darrel Smith

    Darrel Smith22 days ago

    The water is opening up here in west river. do you think the same style will work here?

  8. TinocoSwag •

    TinocoSwag •23 days ago

    I'm a simple man: I hear bbno$, I watch the whole thing

  9. Lej Her

    Lej Her23 days ago

    Hey want to play some warzone game???🥺🥺

  10. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson Stroup23 days ago


  11. Shawn Nohelty

    Shawn Nohelty23 days ago

    I thinks it’s crazy I was just fishing the shore by the damn where he was fishing

  12. mike delacruz

    mike delacruz23 days ago

    Hey whats your rod and reel setup your using My Guy?? Awesome episode btw 👊🏼😎🤙🏼

  13. Martin Brethouwer

    Martin Brethouwer23 days ago

    You guys need to learn how to work that extendable net....

  14. CoolestGaming

    CoolestGaming23 days ago

    MinnDak you should check your Instagram dm :)

  15. Damn Chinn

    Damn Chinn23 days ago

    Greenbay ❤️

  16. Jack Linneman

    Jack Linneman23 days ago

    Tries to promote the googan baits saucy swimmer as he pulls the authentix plastic out of the fishes mouth...

  17. Yangster

    Yangster24 days ago

    Jerkbaits on shore is fireeee

  18. Elias Vanengen

    Elias Vanengen24 days ago

    Whaaaat John your up in the bay that’s my home state maan damn bad asss if you come back this summer lmk will have to link Nd smash some lips

  19. Lane Staszak

    Lane Staszak24 days ago

    It's early yet, and the big girls are still mostly in the bay. Good luck next time

  20. Born Wild

    Born Wild24 days ago

    At work on my lunch break. Just watching a BANGER of a vid. Ahhhhhhhhh yeeeaahhhh.

  21. Oliver LaValley

    Oliver LaValley24 days ago

    hey bro want to meet up to catch some more walleyes in the bay, also bro that was like 3 weeks ago the ice is all offlike the day after you made this

  22. Aaron Mik

    Aaron Mik24 days ago


  23. L Mendoza

    L Mendoza24 days ago

    What the phucc was up with that fish @ 11:30ish?? We’re those eggs or sores? I’m confused

  24. Brad Polmateer

    Brad Polmateer24 days ago

    This vid makes me hungry for a walleye feast

  25. Ted Taylor

    Ted Taylor24 days ago

    CONGRATTS Jon you have now hit a new low! Sucking content,views and likes from the “real men” who deserve the accolades for the efforts they produce. Give your channel back to your brother! His poor back must be killing him having to carry your butt!! Stop being a leech from Nick and Brandon and give it up! How can I give you a hundred thumbs down? 🤮

  26. Fong Yang

    Fong Yang23 days ago

    Lol! Chill out dude, Jon’s content is just has good as his brother’s. Outdoor MinnDak has great content overall. If you don’t like it then gtfo 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  27. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago

    Thanks for the love

  28. mallard slayer

    mallard slayer24 days ago

    sleep in, enough time to shower and stop at mc dicks? your those guys right now!

  29. CoolestGaming

    CoolestGaming24 days ago

    Aww man you didn’t keep in the interaction with those two kids at the boat ramp

  30. Gerald Thao

    Gerald Thao24 days ago

    Here for the whole month since you know the walleye bite is gonna be on 😂 Madtown should provide once the ice gives us room to fish aha

  31. Kyle Leffler

    Kyle Leffler24 days ago

    Your a hour and a half from where I live

  32. Sawyer N.

    Sawyer N.24 days ago

    Damn I have a cottage on the south side of the bay in door county u could’ve bunked up there

  33. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago


  34. Red Oak Outdoors

    Red Oak Outdoors24 days ago

    I like ya cut G!!

  35. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago

    Thanks papi

  36. KsOutdoorSports

    KsOutdoorSports24 days ago

    I used to have one of those Johnson 9.9's. Those things are bullet proof! Can't weight for those Fox River pigs to start rollin' in!

  37. Gavin Grice

    Gavin Grice24 days ago

    the steelhead are in heavy by lake michigain

  38. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago


  39. Austin Doering

    Austin Doering24 days ago

    Makes it in MinnDaks vid 😍

  40. Devin Henry

    Devin Henry24 days ago

    Minndak team going bananas recently 🤙🏻

  41. Isaiah Radart

    Isaiah Radart24 days ago

    Sorry I’m late I had baseball practice but would you wanna come down to the oconto river in stiles some time once there running down there I caught a 34 inch walleye down there last year

  42. Riley Decleene

    Riley Decleene24 days ago

    Bro I literally live in oconto, this is wild! I used to cut that grass at that boat launch. You gotta come back in a few weeks when they are up the river and fish by the damn, you will hook up on 30+ for sure. My pb is a 33.

  43. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago

    I hope msn

  44. FeatherDuster_DuckBusters Outdoors

    FeatherDuster_DuckBusters Outdoors24 days ago

    When Jon comes to your home town fish Walters

  45. Jack F

    Jack F23 days ago

    Please have a meeting

  46. Tristan Taylor

    Tristan Taylor23 days ago

    @FeatherDuster_DuckBusters Outdoors me too or ocanto falls

  47. Dennis Suprise

    Dennis Suprise23 days ago

    I live in shawano and Green Bay

  48. FeatherDuster_DuckBusters Outdoors

    FeatherDuster_DuckBusters Outdoors23 days ago

    @Beckett Koerten cool! I'm in oconto!

  49. Beckett Koerten

    Beckett Koerten24 days ago

    Same bro I live in Green Bay!

  50. Darin Hurlbut

    Darin Hurlbut24 days ago

    Love your videos

  51. Darin Hurlbut

    Darin Hurlbut24 days ago

    Do many boats!!

  52. Hank Skills

    Hank Skills24 days ago

    Love how he sings 1 second of the song but still gets it wrong 😂

  53. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago

    Yup that’s me

  54. CK Outdoors

    CK Outdoors24 days ago

    @minndakoutdoors do u have a Xbox and if u do what’s your name so I can add u

  55. nick larson

    nick larson24 days ago

    I said I was gonna go diamond but damn we just got like 9in of snow lol

  56. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago



    nFISHn NATION24 days ago

    It’ll come .... If 30 Inches is your quest . U Shall not be denied ! 29.5” Here (2014)

  58. CK Outdoors

    CK Outdoors24 days ago

    @minndakoutdoors will u play hunter call of the wild

  59. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago

    For sure

  60. Robert Romaszewski

    Robert Romaszewski24 days ago

    Lol there’s no sketchy parking lots in Green Bay.

  61. Markus Girling

    Markus Girling24 days ago

    Lake Mendota when it opens up is an amazing lake to fish for Northern Pike, big ones there. If you're ever interested check it out. Wisconsin is amazing for fisheries! Love this home state!

  62. Ka pow kids

    Ka pow kids24 days ago

    Your in my home town

  63. ĆleftJr.

    ĆleftJr.24 days ago


  64. Hunter Kopman

    Hunter Kopman24 days ago

    2nd dislike. Heck yea!!

  65. Sr Beef Cake

    Sr Beef Cake24 days ago

    The hell was the intro that was so funny oh ya papi😂

  66. Toadz TV

    Toadz TV24 days ago

    Cant wait for open water

  67. Hunt ‘n Fish Pardee

    Hunt ‘n Fish Pardee24 days ago

    I’d be up fishing both of those places if working wasn’t required. Catch em up!

  68. Brad Polmateer

    Brad Polmateer24 days ago

    I hate when work got in the way of good fishing condittion

  69. David Launderville

    David Launderville24 days ago

    If you don’t boat it, it doesn’t count.

  70. Luke Lave

    Luke Lave24 days ago

    No other channel has intros like this one!

  71. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago

    That’s facts

  72. mason scott

    mason scott24 days ago


  73. Colton Bauman

    Colton Bauman24 days ago

    Oh ya early gang skipping school

  74. Kavion Franklin

    Kavion Franklin24 days ago

    Don’t stop The hard work

  75. F U STFU

    F U STFU24 days ago

    Do you shower with your clothes on or what

  76. Leng Vang

    Leng Vang24 days ago

    Atleast you had fun lol

  77. noah frank

    noah frank24 days ago

    John 3:16 (not time btw)

  78. Alex Walsh

    Alex Walsh24 days ago

    I love when you do videos with smackem outdoors

  79. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago

    Me too

  80. Cole Wieser

    Cole Wieser24 days ago

    Is that a yes or no on that last comment I gave

  81. Kavion Franklin

    Kavion Franklin24 days ago

    Keep doing Wisconsin videos

  82. Ian Cunningham

    Ian Cunningham24 days ago

    Great vid man 👍

  83. NBedits

    NBedits24 days ago

    That intro😂😂

  84. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago

    I liked it

  85. Hunt ‘n Fish Pardee

    Hunt ‘n Fish Pardee24 days ago

    I should invite you two to come fish in my boat. Lol

  86. J B

    J B24 days ago

    Y'all killing it. Keep bringing these awesome content!

  87. Rippin Lips SD

    Rippin Lips SD24 days ago

    Vandams of the walleye

  88. Rippin Lips SD

    Rippin Lips SD24 days ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors same

  89. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago

    I wish!

  90. anthony wootan

    anthony wootan24 days ago

    Dang walleye look rlly good I don’t get these where I live

  91. Ashley Hackworth

    Ashley Hackworth24 days ago

    A yo you won’t pin this

  92. Slam Ham

    Slam Ham24 days ago


  93. The Fishing Expat

    The Fishing Expat24 days ago

    Some open water, nice. I’m done with winter, that includes watching hard water fishing

  94. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors24 days ago


  95. Drew Bruckner

    Drew Bruckner24 days ago


  96. BLitZ 2944

    BLitZ 294424 days ago

    I love the vids when ur in wisco

  97. CK Outdoors

    CK Outdoors24 days ago

    @bobbyguyflims your awesome

  98. Porte Diferenta 2

    Porte Diferenta 224 days ago

    Yessir love when you use soft plastics for walleye fishing💯💯👏

  99. CK Outdoors

    CK Outdoors24 days ago

    Minndakoutdoors u should play hunter called the wild

  100. Roblox Man

    Roblox Man24 days ago

    Video in my home town this would be a good one

  101. Fernando Estrada

    Fernando Estrada24 days ago

    Love the channel keep up the good work

  102. Kaleo Nakano

    Kaleo Nakano24 days ago

    Let's goooooo!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  103. Fernando Estrada

    Fernando Estrada24 days ago