Ice Fishing GIANT Schools of Big Crappies! (LATE ICE)

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I went out ice fishing for some giant crappies. Thanks for watching:)


  1. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson StroupMonth ago


  2. Tate Hutchins

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  3. Tommy Moua

    Tommy MouaMonth ago

    Where r u fishing

  4. Brad Buchan

    Brad BuchanMonth ago

    You need an underwater camera for when the fish bite like that. The footage would be insane

  5. Troy Schwankl

    Troy SchwanklMonth ago

    When are you going to show me where to fish

  6. braeden otkin

    braeden otkinMonth ago

    What lake you at

  7. braeden otkin

    braeden otkinMonth ago

    I live in colmen sd like 20-30 away from Brookings where do you fish at

  8. Robert Dahse

    Robert DahseMonth ago

    Nice Crappies yeah hay

  9. Johnny Lo

    Johnny LoMonth ago

    Wat the point of crappies fishing and not keep them

  10. SuwooopK

    SuwooopKMonth ago

    Its all about having fun buddy.

  11. Leng Vang

    Leng VangMonth ago

    Those were some nice slabs

  12. George Lee

    George LeeMonth ago

    North east shore I see👀👀👀

  13. Tyger Cerano

    Tyger CeranoMonth ago

    Stop saying cheese and rice man.. WTF

  14. Brooks McLean

    Brooks McLeanMonth ago

    Lets get on some snow geese in SD??

  15. HookinHogsTv

    HookinHogsTvMonth ago

    Sick mention

  16. Bass Assassin TJ

    Bass Assassin TJMonth ago

    Catches slabs left and right "Nothing special"

  17. Evan E

    Evan EMonth ago

    You guys should get a snowmobile for next year that would be a good video


    ERIC XIONGMonth ago

    Hey you mind sharing location? I live in Minnesota and always wanted to come fish in SD sometime, but don't know any lakes or places to fish at

  19. SuwooopK

    SuwooopKMonth ago

    Lol do some research.

  20. Ryan

    RyanMonth ago

    Just tanks all over there thanks for sharing the video.

  21. noah frank

    noah frankMonth ago

    Gods creation is beautiful

  22. Cheenue Moua

    Cheenue MouaMonth ago

    Is this in SD or MN?

  23. SuwooopK

    SuwooopKMonth ago

    MN Phalen lake go get'em!

  24. SnapTime

    SnapTimeMonth ago

    Cut back on that 13 minute long intro next time, the video was only 14 minutes in general...

  25. Hunter Beast

    Hunter BeastMonth ago

    What lake plz

  26. The Fishing Expat

    The Fishing ExpatMonth ago

    The ice is finally melted here in Germany. I don’t envy you still ice fishing, but geez you guys slayed em’

  27. Brett Nickle

    Brett NickleMonth ago

    Justin play fortnite?

  28. CruxFPV

    CruxFPVMonth ago

    Good man.

  29. 905bikelife

    905bikelifeMonth ago

    Cheese n rice what a slaughter

  30. KsOutdoorSports

    KsOutdoorSportsMonth ago

    Nice Crappie Day! Glad to see those Whites coming through too!

  31. Xue Chang

    Xue ChangMonth ago

    Will pay 500 each for a guide!

  32. SuwooopK

    SuwooopKMonth ago

    Lmao 😂 jus do some research buddy. If you have time for fishing, you have time to research.

  33. Jordan Blake

    Jordan BlakeMonth ago

    500 to go there day after day and fish the place out? Lol

  34. J Willy

    J WillyMonth ago


  35. Kaleo Nakano

    Kaleo NakanoMonth ago

    Man don't worry about keeping fish to eat! People don't realize that other places around the world that is an essential way of life and to provide for your family. As long as you don't waste and keep illegal counts you're all good 💯 being from Hawaii no one would give you crap lol if anything they buy the fish from you 🤣

  36. Gary Gasser

    Gary GasserMonth ago

    The snow geese were on the move heading north all day here in Kansas .Look up they will be there anytime now.

  37. Tj Yang

    Tj YangMonth ago

    people can keep their limits too you know, that’s why there is a limit because you are in fact able to do that.

  38. L Mendoza

    L MendozaMonth ago

    Can I come fish with you n do the cook part of your catch’s? I’ll pay my own way?? Lol.

  39. Xophan Lo

    Xophan LoMonth ago

    It might just be me but Those look bigger than the one you guys usually keep... lol

  40. Henry

    HenryMonth ago

    Slab donkeys man

  41. Jenny Mohn

    Jenny MohnMonth ago

    Go snow goose hunting

  42. Bryce Corson

    Bryce CorsonMonth ago

    I live in southern Minnesota and I have seen like 1000s of geese flying back

  43. jeff dubuque

    jeff dubuqueMonth ago

    same here in sw Ontario.

  44. Outlaw Angler

    Outlaw AnglerMonth ago

    Damnnn y'all killing it bro. Them crappies are on point and im surprised u guys got some good whitebass. Definitely gotta link up this spring at my spot. Guarantee to put u on some good walleyes and big whitebass. Weather has been very warm even in Watertown also. Spring coming soon.

  45. Michael Clark

    Michael ClarkMonth ago

    Bro I dream to get on some fish like this jeez

  46. Zachary Langanki

    Zachary LangankiMonth ago

    How deep of water are you fishing my guy you set the hook and there out of the water

  47. Logan Sullivan

    Logan SullivanMonth ago

    Who wants to see more rabbit hunting?

  48. OfficiaLee Ger

    OfficiaLee GerMonth ago

    Do a white bass catch and cook!

  49. MichiganFisherman

    MichiganFishermanMonth ago

    Anyone else think it’s funny that he say to be careful on the ice this time a year meanwhile, there is a f-150 in the background. 😂

  50. Landon Miller

    Landon MillerMonth ago

    Yesssss pleassseee make channel for Sam! I love both ya guys allot but it would be cool for both to do there own thing

  51. Dream Look Auto Detailing Auto Detailing

    Dream Look Auto Detailing Auto DetailingMonth ago

    Not very good saying & doing on Utube your going to help fill other's fish limits.?! Isn't that illegal 🚫 where your from? It is where I'm from.

  52. Mickey Her

    Mickey HerMonth ago

    Different state different regulations. In mn you can party fish as where in nd you can't at all.

  53. Bill Hamllik

    Bill HamllikMonth ago

    Sheeew my guy big chungus bangers

  54. Joseph Abeyta Joseph Abeyta

    Joseph Abeyta Joseph AbeytaMonth ago

    Awesome "keep-fish" commentary, people can be irresponsible....not all, but you are doing your part(as a USlikesr) 👍

  55. Ryer Muske

    Ryer MuskeMonth ago

    What depth were you fishing

  56. Eli Swatosh

    Eli SwatoshMonth ago

    What reel was that on your jigging reel?

  57. Terry Lucas

    Terry LucasMonth ago

    Killin them slabs bruh 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣👀

  58. J.J. Clingman

    J.J. ClingmanMonth ago

    Way to hammer them donkeys!! Awesome video buddy!! It does still look like you guys have plenty of ice!! There was a red pickup truck out there on the ice behind you!! I do no hear in southern Iowa the DNR stopped to check every ones license & he said he counted over 47 trucks out on the lake we was fishing last week!! It’s definitely been a few years senice we’ve even had thick enough ice to drive a vehicle out on!! Mine is a Duramax diesel so here in Iowa I don’t think the ice will ever see at least 20” of ice for me to even feel comfortable in taking my truck out on the ice!! The 4 wheeler works just fine for me or even if that doesn’t work the snowmobile should be able to get the job done!! Lol!!

  59. Barney Edwards

    Barney EdwardsMonth ago

    Can I please ask which lake by Brookings you were fishing, thanks.

  60. Tom

    TomMonth ago


  61. Jonah AM Klebanov

    Jonah AM KlebanovMonth ago

    In Massachusetts all basically all the ice is gone.

  62. Mikey Germsheid

    Mikey GermsheidMonth ago

    You can tell your not comfortable with the amount of fish they are keeping..

  63. Michigan Angler

    Michigan AnglerMonth ago

    @Mikey Germsheid I can understand and appreciate that point of view but I am also a true outdoorsman and I keep my catch for food. I think it is much more ethical to fish for food rather than to subject wildlife to unnecessary stress solely for human entertainment. That being said I won’t make condescending remarks towards people who do which is what rubbed me the wrong way about what Sam said.

  64. Tj Yang

    Tj YangMonth ago

    @Mikey Germsheid welp if you have a problem tell it to the DNR. there’s a limit for a reason, and the limit is not based off of the size. fair game 🤷

  65. Mikey Germsheid

    Mikey GermsheidMonth ago

    @Michigan Angler i just think Sam is a true outdoorsman. Aware when there is a time to keep and not to keep. Just think he knows how important it is for those 14-16 inch crappies they are keeping need to go back for spawning. Probably embarrassed with how ignorant they were being about it.

  66. Mikey Germsheid

    Mikey GermsheidMonth ago

    @Tj Yang because he has a conscience and they dont.

  67. Tj Yang

    Tj YangMonth ago

    @Michigan Angler yea its just weird when someone takes you to their spot and you disapprove of them catching/keeping fish.

  68. June Nagel

    June NagelMonth ago

    awesome bite guys, love last ice. good time to be alive

  69. Joefish Stone

    Joefish StoneMonth ago

    I always hate seeing big fish getting kept but I realized there are many people who just wanna eat. So if I’m with people eating I usually give em mine til they limit

  70. Alex Walsh

    Alex WalshMonth ago

    Nice crappie what was the biggest one sam

  71. David Tisch

    David TischMonth ago

    We been on a killer walleye bite in SD yet to hook into a craps but I’m not complaining the perch bite sucked this year on WB but that reason we found the walleyes

  72. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Oh god yeah at least you got on some eyes tho

  73. Jake Veenstra

    Jake VeenstraMonth ago

    I was out there a few days and got into them! Was a fun bite for sure!

  74. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Oh hell yeah man!

  75. Kason Lawlor

    Kason LawlorMonth ago

    you guys should do a 48-hour survival challenge

  76. BLitZ 2944

    BLitZ 2944Month ago

    Those r hunky chunky crappie right there

  77. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  78. David Tisch

    David TischMonth ago

    We were down there 3-27 WB area public boat ramp was shit so went to the North side across from the church access both shit spots to get on this year was my first year going to SD love the place the fishery is awesome but you already know that

  79. David Tisch

    David TischMonth ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors Headed up to Devils Lake for the last ice bite for walleyes hope to be pulling them out like you did on the craps you ever use the salmo ice lure blue/silver/pink on walleyes it’s killer I liked that lure you were using in SD have to try that one on Wauy Bay next time plus great vids bro keep it up Jon’s tent truck camping vid with the rattle real was awesome

  80. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Hope you come back soon and get on them!

  81. Ryan Arbuthnot

    Ryan ArbuthnotMonth ago

    Unpopular opinion Sam is a tiny bit better than Jon

  82. Will Pekelder

    Will PekelderMonth ago

    @Hard core gamer I like fortnite illl watch ether one videos are always good

  83. Hard core gamer I like fortnite

    Hard core gamer I like fortniteMonth ago

    And any food he makes

  84. Hard core gamer I like fortnite

    Hard core gamer I like fortniteMonth ago

    Posts a lot more and goes more in depth for his catch clean cooks

  85. Hard core gamer I like fortnite

    Hard core gamer I like fortniteMonth ago

    Jon’s better

  86. T4YR

    T4YRMonth ago

    yes plz Jon used to be chill but he became too cringe recently 😂

  87. randy marsh

    randy marshMonth ago

    those are some good lookin lil piglets. its just starting to warm up here in canada..

  88. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Oh hell yeah dude! Good luck the rest of the year!

  89. Matthew Healey

    Matthew HealeyMonth ago

    I love your video and I am sub.

  90. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Aye thanks my guy!

  91. B C

    B CMonth ago

    I feel like Jon’s vids get way more views than Sam’s

  92. B C

    B CMonth ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors no, I do want to see you guys doing more stuff together tho

  93. Hayes Johnson

    Hayes JohnsonMonth ago

    Slaymans vids are better tho

  94. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Should I start my own channel?

  95. BJ Hutton

    BJ HuttonMonth ago

    what size k drill do you have?

  96. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Just a lil 6 incher

  97. Josh Minor

    Josh MinorMonth ago

    Love the vids keep em comin!

  98. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Ayyee thanks homie!

  99. Konnor Gerow

    Konnor GerowMonth ago

    More mad about 3.30 minute intro lol

  100. Konnor Gerow

    Konnor GerowMonth ago

    @Hayes Johnson it was joke

  101. Hayes Johnson

    Hayes JohnsonMonth ago

    Lmao grow up

  102. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Sorry my guy

  103. Paige McAdaragh

    Paige McAdaraghMonth ago

    cheese and rice

  104. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Yeahhhhh said that a few times😖😖😖

  105. Big hunt Clips

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    Good content

  106. Big hunt Clips

    Big hunt ClipsMonth ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors hay my channel is just starting out and I think I I got the hang of editing but I just need fans now. keep up the good work😁.

  107. MinnDak Outdoors

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    Thanks homie!

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  110. Hank Skills

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    Slab slayer ya are

  111. MinnDak Outdoors

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    Ayyeee you’re the real slab slayer my dude

  112. Jake_FIshing

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    Hey yt

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