Ice Fishing MEGA SCHOOLS of JUMBO PERCH! (Underwater Livescope Footage)

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You guys have been asking for some Garmin Livescope action so i thought i would bring you some! Enjoy :)


  1. Adam Smith

    Adam SmithMonth ago

    Nice job. But you never show how you pick your spot on the ice. Seems like you magically end up right on em .

  2. Ethan Grover

    Ethan GroverMonth ago

    How much is it for one of the machines that can mark fish? I have seen several kinds in different videos but will it break the bank?

  3. James Wright

    James WrightMonth ago

    Like your content, but good lord that weird voice you do 🤮 🤮 annoying AF

  4. Jake Hawks

    Jake HawksMonth ago

    What lake

  5. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson StroupMonth ago


  6. Jeremy Idle

    Jeremy IdleMonth ago

    Love the singing lol wish Ohio's lakes would freeze up I only get to go ice fishing once a year for a week if I'm lucky. Keep up the great videos

  7. Adam Smith

    Adam SmithMonth ago

    Pretty sure there's plenty of ice in Ohio right now

  8. Rokas Matulevičius

    Rokas MatulevičiusMonth ago

    Hi cuold yuo tell Flair to buy a 50BMG pls

  9. Ryan

    RyanMonth ago

    Thank god waited all day to get off work for my dose of Minndak. 714pm here

  10. Joseph M

    Joseph MMonth ago

    Minndak outdoors like game is strong but what about their reply game?

  11. Adam Smith

    Adam SmithMonth ago

    Not so much !

  12. Fab ulous

    Fab ulousMonth ago

    My guy! Wheres that sweet sweet cooking after hammering those perch!

  13. Andy Tollerson

    Andy TollersonMonth ago

    The googan squad came out with live worms

  14. Jordan Sartin

    Jordan SartinMonth ago

    Why use rattle reel at this moment

  15. Senor Frog

    Senor FrogMonth ago

    Thanks for sharing about the rattle reel nice how you have it set up with a clamp.

  16. Bradley Harty

    Bradley HartyMonth ago

    valentines day wtf made up cash spewing holidays need to end

  17. Adam Smith

    Adam SmithMonth ago

    You must be single

  18. stian tveita

    stian tveitaMonth ago

    kill the fish BEFORE you put it in the bucket... Yikes!

  19. Christopher Cooper

    Christopher CooperMonth ago

    Great catch, i wish the bite was like that here in NM.

  20. BassSlayerOutdoors

    BassSlayerOutdoorsMonth ago

    Yo boy Nick 🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

  21. Mitch Loc

    Mitch LocMonth ago

    Bro what are your viet, laos, cambodian, or chinese?

  22. Jorge Sanchez

    Jorge SanchezMonth ago

    I'm gona guess Korean lol

  23. KsOutdoorSports

    KsOutdoorSportsMonth ago

    Awesome live scope video! Sure is cool to see how they behave.

  24. Joshua leal

    Joshua lealMonth ago

    Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  25. Andrew Pansch

    Andrew PanschMonth ago

    It's great bringing people who never ice fish really out. I had a group of co-workers out last weekend and 2 had never ice fished. After a few hours they got tired of catching fishing so started drinking. We also left them in house when we went to clean fish and they ended up catching a walleye on a rattle reel and we have a great video of that.

  26. Badback60

    Badback60Month ago

    Nice perch!

  27. Snotshovel infection

    Snotshovel infectionMonth ago

    I like your vids but I will not watch any with the guy that has a lisp

  28. Dr.greedy YT

    Dr.greedy YTMonth ago

    Sheew nicks back

  29. Fish Happy

    Fish HappyMonth ago

    You and Cody should do a ice fishing video miss you guys fishing together

  30. Born Wild

    Born WildMonth ago

    Thnx for the panoptix view. Just made your video that much better. Keep it up man. Love the content

  31. Gary Gasser

    Gary GasserMonth ago

    Dump the girl Friend and find one the like to hunt and fish!

  32. Cluck n Quack

    Cluck n QuackMonth ago

    Try a clutch for walleye it works great

  33. Mike Wallace

    Mike WallaceMonth ago

    Looks like fun man. Made my day

  34. nik mar

    nik marMonth ago

    That school of perch was amazing

  35. Emilio Ramlochan

    Emilio RamlochanMonth ago

    How about a subscriber fishing competition?

  36. Burning 1/8ths

    Burning 1/8thsMonth ago

    What size jack do you have? I just got a 160 last week. Literally on the ice fishing with my phone plugged into it charging right now

  37. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    I have the explorer 500 and 1000

  38. WarHmonger MATH

    WarHmonger MATHMonth ago

    MNDAKOD baiting us like perches under the Slab Shack! More please more.

  39. james Bishop

    james BishopMonth ago

    It just sucked on my minnow🤣🤣🤣

  40. Bill Hamllik

    Bill HamllikMonth ago

    Sheeew my guy big chungus

  41. Mario Raya

    Mario RayaMonth ago

    Take me away! I'm going to be stuck singing that song for like the next week now, lol. Good fishing.

  42. Cole matteson

    Cole mattesonMonth ago

    So cool with the live scope. Nice vid!

  43. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  44. Aaron Bergquist

    Aaron BergquistMonth ago

    It been to cold up in Duluth to fish but I going to upper red this weekend

  45. Mathew Khang

    Mathew KhangMonth ago

    Yo were you at around leech area yesterday on the 17th ? We drove by at a stoplight and saw you as u were looking at the black tundra I was in driving by lol!

  46. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    That was I

  47. Lucas Downs

    Lucas DownsMonth ago

    Ohhh Jonny boi god what I would to go out fishing you man luv u buddy keep these vids coming

  48. The Northern Outdoors

    The Northern OutdoorsMonth ago

    love your videos

  49. Landon Wikert

    Landon WikertMonth ago

    You should do another catch and cook

  50. noah frank

    noah frankMonth ago

    God is so good

  51. Shane

    ShaneMonth ago

    love the livescope view

  52. Cym Moua

    Cym MouaMonth ago

    The perch probably wanted something smaller than the dinner bell

  53. Leng Vang

    Leng VangMonth ago

    Those are some beautiful perches my guy more icefishing catch and cook over night please

  54. Mason Coburn

    Mason CoburnMonth ago

    John never fails to make a banger. Love this channel!!

  55. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  56. Gavin Carrizales

    Gavin CarrizalesMonth ago

    Love the vids

  57. Dustin Wolf

    Dustin WolfMonth ago

    Hoooooooo yaaaaaaa

  58. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Wait is that Dustin from smack em

  59. Louis .G

    Louis .GMonth ago

    you need some slab grabbers man. the dinner bells are nice but for speed when those big schools come in, slab grabber are the juice, no bait needed

  60. Louis .G

    Louis .GMonth ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors I get it boys, just saying. Maybe talk to your boys at frost bite and get their own version 😉😉

  61. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Dinner bells 4 lyfe

  62. Max Hayes Outdoors

    Max Hayes OutdoorsMonth ago

    I used a dinner bell with minno head “like you taught me” and I caught a 28 inch pike!!! Thx for the tips!! 😂😂

  63. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  64. Eli Swatosh

    Eli SwatoshMonth ago

    Why weren’t you jigging Jon?

  65. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    I was helping my friend out

  66. Will Pekelder

    Will PekelderMonth ago


  67. Max Hayes Outdoors

    Max Hayes OutdoorsMonth ago

    MINNDAK!! Keep it up BUD

  68. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  69. Ethan Outdoors

    Ethan OutdoorsMonth ago

    You and flair should go ice fishing

  70. WisconsinWaterfowl !

    WisconsinWaterfowl !Month ago

    Jesus nick keep above them so the aggressive ones hammer you

  71. WisconsinWaterfowl !

    WisconsinWaterfowl !Month ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors Sorry dude it’s the one thing I say besides stay dry

  72. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    He’s learning!

  73. Gthao029

    Gthao029Month ago

    Some of those bites are the ones that I hold my breath too long for....just waiting for the little bounce on the rod tip....

  74. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  75. Jaydon Rizer

    Jaydon RizerMonth ago

    Love the videos guy, I can’t stop binge watching them

  76. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Thank you!

  77. BLitZ 2944

    BLitZ 2944Month ago

    Best line from the video: "it packed at my minnow, it kinda sucked on it"😂 at 3:07

  78. Bailey vlog's And more

    Bailey vlog's And moreMonth ago

    Dude ur content is killing Flairs keep up the great work. I know ur flairs boy but he cannot compair to u these day's. Congrats!

  79. J Willy

    J WillyMonth ago

    My favorite brother

  80. The Hunter Karter

    The Hunter KarterMonth ago

    Love the vids

  81. Outdoors and Sports Central

    Outdoors and Sports CentralMonth ago

    Oh god yeah! I love all the vids and ur dedication! Going ice fishing this weekend, gettin a 24 hour in!

  82. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Good luck

  83. New England Outdoors

    New England OutdoorsMonth ago

    Great video

  84. 신손희야 Fishing channel

    신손희야 Fishing channelMonth ago

    Thank good video I'm shooting a fishing video in Korea

  85. ON THE FLY

    ON THE FLYMonth ago

    Love your videos

  86. Konnor Gerow

    Konnor GerowMonth ago

    26 th view

  87. Carson Williams

    Carson WilliamsMonth ago

    Nice vid you guys are awesome can you do more epic catch clean cooks


    JOHN SALAZAR 2Month ago

    I gess the Walleye went back to school


    JOHN SALAZAR 2Month ago

    Or perch

  90. Gavin Olson

    Gavin OlsonMonth ago

    This guy funny, xd

  91. Brayden Smith

    Brayden SmithMonth ago

    Love you

  92. Kyler Taddy

    Kyler TaddyMonth ago

    Love your guys ice fishing vids up the good work 👍🏼👍🏼

  93. Lucas w

    Lucas wMonth ago

    Absolutley obsessed with the videos keep em coming!

  94. Adam Smith

    Adam SmithMonth ago

    Really ?

  95. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Thank you

  96. Toi

    ToiMonth ago

    Already now it’s gonna be a banger and haven’t watched yrt

  97. Adam Smith

    Adam SmithMonth ago

    Try to think for yourself and make an intelligent comment

  98. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  99. Wesley Davis

    Wesley DavisMonth ago

    Your the best USlikes ever I luv the vids