Ice Fishing with a $1,500 Electric Bike!

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I got a new toy and i decided to take it ice fishing.......this thing is fun:)


  1. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson Stroup28 days ago


  2. Josh 2

    Josh 2Month ago

    Hell ya

  3. Trevor Pflugrath

    Trevor PflugrathMonth ago

    Looks like north side of little pelican lake in mn

  4. Braden Rotan

    Braden RotanMonth ago

    Quick question, why is your USlikes channel named Minn Dak?

  5. madtownangler

    madtownangler13 days ago

    Minnesotta Dakota

  6. Hiam M

    Hiam MMonth ago

    LMFAOOOOOO my dude you're so awesome ahaha

  7. J.J. Clingman

    J.J. ClingmanMonth ago

    Awesome video buddy!! When I first seen that you was going to try & use an electric bike I was like this is going to be a good video for sure!! But you let me down!! Lol!! It went way better than I ever exspected!! That was pretty awesome!! I bet though that it wouldn’t do so good on just the plain old ice though?? I would like to see how well it would actually do on just some ice & no snow or just a very very thin layer?? That would definitely make up my mind on weather or not to get one!!!

  8. Fab ulous

    Fab ulousMonth ago

    I was surprised that a, you didnt dump the gear and b, didnt eat shit at least once! 😂

  9. Justin Kelch

    Justin KelchMonth ago

    Throw some studs in them tires bro whole new world

  10. Andrew Ankele

    Andrew AnkeleMonth ago

    Check out QuietKat bikes! Wish I had one

  11. Tim Wagner

    Tim WagnerMonth ago

    I think you could mount ski on that front tire. Might go over the snow better?

  12. j ryder

    j ryderMonth ago

    ajust the seat on the bike looks way to low dude

  13. j ryder

    j ryderMonth ago

    dude that one lake with all those people and whit bass was loaded with monster crappie

  14. Joseph Browne

    Joseph BrowneMonth ago

    Aren’t u meant the peddle the bike as well to go faster

  15. Brady Bushlack

    Brady BushlackMonth ago

    He also only had it in 1 for the power

  16. andrew bacon

    andrew baconMonth ago

    I was a TikTok with the same one literally frozen inside the ice and 2 guys pulled that how out

  17. CruxFPV

    CruxFPVMonth ago

    Yeah man. That "1" in the top right corner of the display is power level. They usually go to 5.

  18. Keeton Lewis

    Keeton LewisMonth ago

    I see your on little pelican !!

  19. Badback60

    Badback60Month ago

    Now put on the training wheels on the bike so Sam can use it....Just joking

  20. I’m_justJr

    I’m_justJrMonth ago

    I would have never thought that John was a Big Bike Guy 😂

  21. Ethan Lundberg

    Ethan LundbergMonth ago

    Little pelican

  22. Andrew Bieber

    Andrew BieberMonth ago

    Is it wrong of me that I wanted to see you completely biff it🤣 not to get hurt I just think it’d be funny

  23. Gavin Kendall

    Gavin KendallMonth ago

    When John said this is a good fish and it like 6 inches. Btw my pb crappie is 15 inches

  24. Weekend Warrior Outdoors

    Weekend Warrior OutdoorsMonth ago

    That would be great to use going to the hunting blind.

  25. Ball's Off The Wall Reptiles.

    Ball's Off The Wall Reptiles.Month ago

    I'd rather watch the other Minndaks vlogs, this one trys to hard.

  26. Propheci

    PropheciMonth ago

    Didn't expect the unhhhh yeah lmao

  27. Thespinner Fisher

    Thespinner FisherMonth ago

    You should have gotten a real fatbike

  28. Michael B

    Michael BMonth ago

    No one else died laughing after he almost ate the ice and immediately was like “here’s a good spot boys” lmao 😂😂😂

  29. Crappie Kayak

    Crappie KayakMonth ago

    I just worry the rear wheel will catch the rope and damage the bike. also which bike hitch rack should use? I mean hitch rack because some people just got a small car like me can couldn't put the bike in the trunk

  30. John Shaffer

    John ShafferMonth ago

    13:30 there are few things in life I find more relaxing than listening to the sound of snow fall around you while jigging for fish. Great video, man! I sure miss the snow since I moved down south.

  31. NBedits

    NBeditsMonth ago

    So when are you taking me on a bike ride?

  32. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    You can ride on my handlebars

  33. Daddy J

    Daddy JMonth ago

    Not gonna lie those siennas are money community rods or those tica stock ones are money to but I like my custom dh ones !! Love the content u da man!!

  34. Crappie Kayak

    Crappie KayakMonth ago

    Thanks for your video. Just wonder will the tire catch the rope and damage the rear tire?

  35. Tyler

    TylerMonth ago

    Its cool but I think a quad would be better.

  36. Zeak Wilson

    Zeak WilsonMonth ago

    So 4 inch is alot these days 🤔😂


    BRODY HADLEYMonth ago

    That bike was hauling jeez

  38. Michael M

    Michael MMonth ago

    Liking before watching is the strat

  39. Bwarn

    BwarnMonth ago

    Huh yeahhh 😂

  40. Jaceand 1

    Jaceand 1Month ago

    The hook set is so late😂

  41. Tj Yang

    Tj YangMonth ago

    that is freaking sick, especially for early ice. better see that thing in action next year 🔥

  42. Born Wild

    Born WildMonth ago

    I now where head phones when watching your channel. Lil awkward when I'm with my family and hear... ooooohhhhh yyyeeaahhh. So ah, yeah.. thnx for the awkward moments. But still a fan✊👍

  43. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Lmao 😂

  44. Mike Petpachan

    Mike PetpachanMonth ago

    Thanks John. I am getting the bike for next year early ice

  45. Brady Williams

    Brady WilliamsMonth ago

    We miss when John and slaymen did vids together

  46. Michigan Mike

    Michigan MikeMonth ago

    Hes not my President either 👍

  47. Alex Walsh

    Alex WalshMonth ago

    Awesome video

  48. Aidan Overman

    Aidan OvermanMonth ago

    Always love watching a good ol minndak video

  49. Ryan

    RyanMonth ago

    I think thats the wrong frostbite link

  50. Andy Tollerson

    Andy TollersonMonth ago

    Imagine seeing just a guy riding a bike with a ice fishing sled on back while ice fishing

  51. Michael M

    Michael MMonth ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors do you have the fish brain app

  52. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    That’s me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  53. Daniel Mastin

    Daniel MastinMonth ago

    Nice video! Really like the Bike! Thanks for sharing

  54. Iraq Lobster

    Iraq LobsterMonth ago

    Jeez my guy that’s fricking slick

  55. Walker Warwick

    Walker WarwickMonth ago

    You could pedal and use the throdel and you would go faster

  56. Travis Demboski

    Travis DemboskiMonth ago

    It’s like watching Walmart brand Flair channel...

  57. Leng Vang

    Leng VangMonth ago

    Nice bike ride lol

  58. Will Pekelder

    Will PekelderMonth ago


  59. cj creatures

    cj creaturesMonth ago


  60. scottp760

    scottp760Month ago

    I have that exact bike. You need to go into the display and unlock it. Mine does 40 mph all day. Put that bike on power level 5 and pedal a little bit. She takes off,be careful.

  61. scottp760

    scottp760Month ago

    @ahill2climb1 the BB is a nice bike. It should go just as fast as mine. Maybe it is programed to only hit 30 MPH. I set my speed limiter to 90 MPH. Even though it could never go that fast. But at that setting it never lets the motor cut out at a certain speed.

  62. ahill2climb1

    ahill2climb1Month ago

    @scottp760 sorry it’s just hard to believe thats accurate. I’ve been researching ebikes a lot over the past 6 months and almost bought the Hemiway cruiser but decided to upgrade to the Bolton Blackbird. The BB should definitely be faster but it only tops out around 30 mph.

  63. scottp760

    scottp760Month ago

    @ahill2climb1 not at all. Only peddling enough to keep the pedal assist going. On flat ground.

  64. ahill2climb1

    ahill2climb1Month ago

    @scottp760 so we’re you peddling hard and going downhill? That’s the only way this is possible with that bike.

  65. scottp760

    scottp760Month ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors look up on USlikes unlocking the Himiway cruiser. It's pretty easy.

  66. madtownangler

    madtownanglerMonth ago

    I've been on the lakes around Madison, WI on my mountain bike but never fishing. You gotta go when its not slick unless you have studded tires like my Surly and Gary Fisher bikes.

  67. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  68. Reel BS

    Reel BSMonth ago

    That bike is 🔥

  69. Kelly Montgomery

    Kelly MontgomeryMonth ago

    sick vid bro can not wait until open water

  70. anthony wootan

    anthony wootanMonth ago

    Nice ride bro

  71. Mada M

    Mada MMonth ago

    not gon lie, i thought about a pit bike with screws and send it on the ice :D

  72. Senor Frog

    Senor FrogMonth ago

    I've seen these bikes at Bass Pro Shop, I'm not sure if I buy one yet I'll wait til the 9.0 comes out. Battery durability? And the cost to come down to like Walmart prices.

  73. Fire’s Gold

    Fire’s GoldMonth ago

    Sweet bike bro!😎😎😎

  74. Wyatt English

    Wyatt EnglishMonth ago

    I like the bike and we get 18 inch crappie

  75. June Nagel

    June NagelMonth ago

    awesome job, your crushing the videos dude. love the bike too

  76. BLitZ 2944

    BLitZ 2944Month ago

    Out of all things a bike 😂

  77. Pro Dangler

    Pro DanglerMonth ago

    love the channel

  78. Hank Skills

    Hank SkillsMonth ago


  79. Donnie Roessling

    Donnie RoesslingMonth ago

    Sweet ride MD thanks for the video.

  80. FULLSWEATBTW697 YouTube

    FULLSWEATBTW697 YouTubeMonth ago

    Just buy a used four wheeler for the land and ice fishing

  81. Arv Maheshwari

    Arv MaheshwariMonth ago

    Sick my guy

  82. Dubs Outdoors

    Dubs OutdoorsMonth ago

    I hope everybody is haveing a great day

  83. J Willy

    J WillyMonth ago

    @Mountain Man I’ve been under a lot of stress from school lately and my friends have not been wanting to hang out with me lately so I’m feeling kinda down

  84. Mountain Man

    Mountain ManMonth ago

    @J Willy what’s goin on?

  85. J Willy

    J WillyMonth ago

    I’m not

  86. Malonks Fishing

    Malonks FishingMonth ago

    Yes sir

  87. Metro Outdoors

    Metro OutdoorsMonth ago

    Turn the volume down at 4:42

  88. Goose Master Outdoors

    Goose Master OutdoorsMonth ago

    Nice vid jon

  89. Crappie Kayak

    Crappie KayakMonth ago

    ​@TexasFlyway Outfitters I just worry the rear wheel will catch the rope and damage the bike. also which bike hitch rack should use?

  90. TexasFlyway Outfitters

    TexasFlyway OutfittersMonth ago

    I’m definitely going to buy one! 😂

  91. Brandon Witte

    Brandon WitteMonth ago

    What the hell did I just see this man is fishing with a bike I'm not hating btw

  92. Red Oak Outdoors

    Red Oak OutdoorsMonth ago

    I love the bike!!! That thing is sweet!

  93. New England Outdoors

    New England OutdoorsMonth ago

    Great video

  94. The Fishing Expat

    The Fishing ExpatMonth ago

    Woah, (insert obnoxious early comment)

  95. Tiffany Johnson

    Tiffany JohnsonMonth ago

    (Insert hate comment) lol just joking 😂

  96. Metro Outdoors

    Metro OutdoorsMonth ago

    Sheeewwwwww, looks like I’m first

  97. Eli Swatosh

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  98. Devin Carter

    Devin CarterMonth ago

    Love the content