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I did some rabbit hunting out in the backyard and had some great success. Thanks for watching:)


  1. Aydan

    Aydan8 days ago

    Dude if you want a new truck get a Ford ranger

  2. Nolan J Schmidt

    Nolan J SchmidtMonth ago

    Get a chevy pickup not like your brother's taco

  3. Michel Dekkers

    Michel DekkersMonth ago

    See if we can't get more i think u mean can

  4. Alex Walsh

    Alex WalshMonth ago

    Hey minndak can answer my question what plastic do you use for fishing

  5. Dylan Harris

    Dylan HarrisMonth ago

    98-03 f150 4x4 or sierra 1500 4x4, V8 engine. Thinking about selling my f250 4x4 diesel for a truck in that category

  6. Zach Martin

    Zach MartinMonth ago

    Petht control.

  7. Asher Delaughder

    Asher DelaughderMonth ago

    Chevy, or gmc

  8. Braxton Richmond

    Braxton RichmondMonth ago

    Ford ranger

  9. Average Day Outdoors

    Average Day OutdoorsMonth ago

    Good stuff man! Love going after some delicious white tail and squirrel! good stew meat! Love your funny videos!

  10. Tyler Newman

    Tyler NewmanMonth ago

    I friend has one of those 22 with a scope

  11. hunting tv

    hunting tvMonth ago

    F to mommy car no I'm crying right now

  12. Braydn Buchanan

    Braydn BuchananMonth ago

    get a truck

  13. The Grinchman

    The GrinchmanMonth ago

    I just picked up a 2019 Ford fuvkin ranger 😏🤣🤣

  14. Hunnitbenz

    HunnitbenzMonth ago

    Catch, clean, and cook on neighbor’s cat? Hmmm I’ll sub again.

  15. Rylan Hendricks

    Rylan HendricksMonth ago

    Duramax all the way

  16. Archie Mcclendon

    Archie McclendonMonth ago

    Ford ranger

  17. LeeOutdoorguy

    LeeOutdoorguyMonth ago

    Can I ask what city just to visualize how u getting fox squirrel

  18. Made In Canada

    Made In CanadaMonth ago

    Chevy pickup

  19. James Humphries

    James HumphriesMonth ago

    The new ford rangers are awesome. Get the tremor or raptor

  20. Josh Minor

    Josh MinorMonth ago

    Toyota 4Runner for you my guy

  21. That claymore Rumbas guy

    That claymore Rumbas guyMonth ago

    My squirrel and rabbit don’t come in same month and today is last day of my squirrel

  22. Dominick Von Ruden

    Dominick Von RudenMonth ago

    Anyone else see that vape vapor

  23. DTFM

    DTFMMonth ago

    Get a Tacoma

  24. Jordan Abel

    Jordan AbelMonth ago

    Subaru forester.

  25. Joe Maxa

    Joe MaxaMonth ago

    You need a truck

  26. Caiden LeBlanc

    Caiden LeBlancMonth ago

    But make sure it is four wheel drive though

  27. Caiden LeBlanc

    Caiden LeBlancMonth ago

    I am going to get one from my dad

  28. Caiden LeBlanc

    Caiden LeBlancMonth ago

    Get a black ram

  29. Hunter Schultz

    Hunter SchultzMonth ago

    You gotta get a Ford Raptor

  30. Josh Rossello

    Josh RosselloMonth ago

    Get a mini van that would be amazing.

  31. Sawyer Nabbefeld

    Sawyer NabbefeldMonth ago

    Get a 6.3

  32. Cael Heimerl

    Cael HeimerlMonth ago

    Its warm, its like 40 degrees. The most northern thing I've ever heard.

  33. drmustash

    drmustashMonth ago

    40 degrees is swinning weather

  34. Aiden Heiberg

    Aiden HeibergMonth ago

    Man here in Canada -10 celcius is warm

  35. Qwaxfc

    QwaxfcMonth ago

    Man 35 is warm

  36. Bucks n bass Tv

    Bucks n bass TvMonth ago

    Ford F-150

  37. hinben

    hinbenMonth ago

    If you're getting something new or nearly new get a Nissan Titan or an F150. If you're getting something older get a Tundra or a Tacoma. Stay away from Canyons and a Colorados. I've not heard much about the Rangers but the older ones are pretty good as long as you don't get the sport edition

  38. Trevor Ness

    Trevor NessMonth ago

    You should get a 1/2 ton or 3/4 Ram. Or Chevy.

  39. W Long

    W LongMonth ago


  40. Joshua Davis

    Joshua DavisMonth ago



    TJN FISHINGMonth ago


  42. Reece Kitto

    Reece KittoMonth ago

    I’d get a gmc or Chevy best option don’t need to be Ford found on road dead

  43. Nocona Anderson

    Nocona AndersonMonth ago

    you should get a ford ranger

  44. King _ios

    King _iosMonth ago

    I think u should get a Lamborghini 😂

  45. Das Farm

    Das FarmMonth ago

    Find a Suzuki samurai

  46. Ely Smith outdoors

    Ely Smith outdoorsMonth ago

    Get a Chevy 1500

  47. Eli Abrahamson

    Eli AbrahamsonMonth ago

    If you got money get a Toyota tundra. Or a duramax

  48. Landen Morris

    Landen MorrisMonth ago

    How much are you spending

  49. Ian Kiefer

    Ian KieferMonth ago

    I love your vids

  50. Yahya Azzouni

    Yahya AzzouniMonth ago

    Make a video about using a bb gun and slingshot to kill pigeons !!!!!!!

  51. Larry Mazanec

    Larry MazanecMonth ago

    You should get a Ford Raptors

  52. Larry Mazanec

    Larry MazanecMonth ago


  53. BLitZ 2944

    BLitZ 2944Month ago


  54. Justin Gunter

    Justin GunterMonth ago

    get a tacoma

  55. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson StroupMonth ago


  56. Tyler Randel

    Tyler RandelMonth ago

    You need better quality on your video's. Your brother is blowing you out of the water! Still like the vids just want you to improve the video's quality, narrative, and enthusiasm for what you guys are doing.

  57. J-Brown Adventures

    J-Brown AdventuresMonth ago

    Awesome video man! Good Huntin


    JOHN SALAZAR 2Month ago

    Go crow hunting with a ruger 22lr rifle with scope (sniper mode)

  59. Leng Vang

    Leng VangMonth ago

    Nice aim keep them good videos coming

  60. Jake Lukasko

    Jake LukaskoMonth ago

    What gun is that it looks so nice got to love a good old lever gun

  61. colton Buchweitz

    colton BuchweitzMonth ago

    2gen cummins

  62. Wesley Shafer

    Wesley ShaferMonth ago

    Toyota pickup.

  63. Wesley Shafer

    Wesley ShaferMonth ago

    Tundra. Very reliable and capable

  64. david g

    david gMonth ago

    Nice change of pace from ice fishing. Adios mommy car!

  65. Scott Campbell

    Scott CampbellMonth ago

    Get a Toyota Tacoma.

  66. Brenden Cox

    Brenden CoxMonth ago

    Toyota Tundra

  67. Chris Larsen

    Chris LarsenMonth ago

    Love peat control with my lever action 22 also best pew to use

  68. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Oh god yeah

  69. Maks Lecocq

    Maks LecocqMonth ago

    Do a video with bonso

  70. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  71. Brayden 1776-81

    Brayden 1776-81Month ago

    I think you should get the same thing but it would be mommy car 2.0

  72. Teddy’s Workshop

    Teddy’s WorkshopMonth ago

    A 4Runner would probably suit you nicely but idk what your looking for 🤷‍♂️

  73. Hayes Johnson

    Hayes JohnsonMonth ago

    Ayeee definitely need videos with the gf!!

  74. Derek Whitman

    Derek WhitmanMonth ago

    What city do you live in? Brookings SD?

  75. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Yes sir

  76. Trace Van Regenmorter

    Trace Van RegenmorterMonth ago

    2 years ago you did a rabbit catch and cook with the same gun!

  77. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Yesssirrrr! Good memories

  78. Roger Marroquin

    Roger MarroquinMonth ago

    Tacoma's are beast, have 300k on my 2001 and it's still running cherry

  79. Joshua Keoni

    Joshua KeoniMonth ago

    Hooo brah, Hawaii loves the tacos!!

  80. Das Farm

    Das FarmMonth ago

    Tacoma’s are great. Except the gas mileage on the new ones. Hideous

  81. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Sheewwww papi!

  82. john talley

    john talleyMonth ago

    4x4 tacoma kinda like jons

  83. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Oh god yeah

  84. Senor Frog

    Senor FrogMonth ago

    At 2:46 can you tell us about how you made those pheasent decorations on wall. They look really cool. And Thank You Sam for a wonderful hunt.

  85. Senor Frog

    Senor FrogMonth ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors Thank you my daughter loves your pheasant hunt videos could you give Mya G. a shout out during a pheasant hunt .

  86. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    I’ll get around to it when pheasant season comes around!

  87. Outlaw Angler

    Outlaw AnglerMonth ago

    A truck would be nice but i honestly prefer a midsize suv 4wd or awd. But honda and Acura suvs are alot better,bc prices for parts are cheaper and easier to fix then American cars bro. Go with a 2003 to 08 honda pilot. It drives good and thats what i have. I also fix cars so I can also help u fix it as long as u get the part bro. U dont wanna spend up the cheeks for getting things fix. I fish alot and fix cars. I'm in Watertown SD just an hour from u. Y'all maybe gotta meet up with me this spring and fish for some huge whitebass and walleyes at my hot spot. Can only meet on weekends and whenever u need help fixing something just holla at your asian brother

  88. Outlaw Angler

    Outlaw AnglerMonth ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors yeah sure we do need to link up. I dont hunt but tend to know lots of good spots in sd. If u want u can email me your number and we can keep in contact bro.

  89. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Oh dude that’d be awesome! Definitely gotta link up in the spring!

  90. Samuel Shin

    Samuel ShinMonth ago

    boii get a prius

  91. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Lmaoo tru

  92. Stuart Lucas

    Stuart LucasMonth ago

    make a bunch of brush piles in the woods because rabbits love brush piles and they will hide from predators there to do you won’t be losing them to coyotes or big birds

  93. Dalton Jennings

    Dalton JenningsMonth ago

    Don’t get a Honda ridgeline

  94. Mel Borrego

    Mel BorregoMonth ago

    Moist and tender ooh

  95. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    That’s what we like

  96. Chuck Smith

    Chuck SmithMonth ago

    Next time get Two or Three Squirrels and do a Crock Pot Stew .

  97. Levi DeForest

    Levi DeForestMonth ago

    For a new vehicle you should get a dodge dakota in between 2007 and 2010. They are smaller trucks, and they aren't that expensive. Even if you don't get one, what vehicles are you already looking at?

  98. Rex Plucinak

    Rex PlucinakMonth ago

    Get a 03duramax

  99. Canadian waterfowl Experience

    Canadian waterfowl ExperienceMonth ago

    A gmc would be a good option for a truck

  100. Will Pekelder

    Will PekelderMonth ago


  101. Hayden Krecek

    Hayden KrecekMonth ago

    Not a ford

  102. Bill Hamllik

    Bill HamllikMonth ago

    Sheeew my guy big chungus fire vids

  103. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Aye thanks my guy

  104. Fab ulous

    Fab ulousMonth ago

    All that CoD has helped you snipe the game 😂

  105. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  106. Dj Loops

    Dj LoopsMonth ago

    toyota tundra

  107. James Stepanek

    James StepanekMonth ago

    Ram 3500

  108. Jaymison Cattau

    Jaymison CattauMonth ago

    Don’t get a truck like johns🤮 get a real truck like a dodge Ford or Chevy

  109. hunt&fish4life

    hunt&fish4lifeMonth ago

    You should get a chevy silverado but if not definitely get a truck

  110. Derek Kortleever

    Derek KortleeverMonth ago

    Yes definetly

  111. Landon Hope

    Landon HopeMonth ago

    You should def get a Ford F-150

  112. Landon Hope

    Landon HopeMonth ago

    You should come to East Tennessee and night fish for big 8 and 9 pound wall eye this spring

  113. Landon Hope

    Landon HopeMonth ago

    Keep up the 🔥 vids

  114. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  115. Blood mark

    Blood markMonth ago

    One dead squirrel disliked this vid

  116. Braden Vander Wal

    Braden Vander WalMonth ago

    Blowgun hunting plz

  117. Michigan Angler

    Michigan AnglerMonth ago

    Not gonna lie I’m kind of disappointed in you for not taking those kittens to a shelter when you found them. Guarantee they ended up being coyote or raccoon food.

  118. Fishing with Tallen Partridge

    Fishing with Tallen PartridgeMonth ago

    ford f150 to a f 350

  119. The hunte is the boss

    The hunte is the bossMonth ago

    R.I.P momy car 🧍🏼‍♀️+🚙

  120. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  121. swift220

    swift220Month ago

    Can't believe you Chungusses don't shoot the damn cats.

  122. Tim Faughnan

    Tim FaughnanMonth ago

    Chevy Tahoe

  123. Andrew Lynch

    Andrew LynchMonth ago

    7.3 powerstroke

  124. Ethan Olivero

    Ethan OliveroMonth ago

    2020 Cheve truck

  125. Cason Redwine

    Cason RedwineMonth ago

    RIP mommy car