My First Time Camping In My Van | Van Life Starts Now!

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Decided to take the van for her first roadie ever!


  1. Sam Troutwine

    Sam Troutwine20 hours ago

    Peep the tan line from glasses

  2. Herman Orquiz

    Herman OrquizDay ago


  3. Tips icy outdoors

    Tips icy outdoors2 days ago

    I'd name that bad girl TATONKA!!!

  4. Jason Branson

    Jason Branson2 days ago

    P.s. tell dude in the back to unplug for a change and enjoy the trip lol😆

  5. Jason Branson

    Jason Branson2 days ago

    Got my van soon I'll have freedom 😁keep me posted

  6. Tommy Cornforth

    Tommy Cornforth3 days ago

    You need some kind of Rod holders on the inside on the roof so the rods don't get broke.

  7. Bill White

    Bill White4 days ago

    AP Bassin, totally envious.

  8. Outdoor addiction Tv

    Outdoor addiction Tv4 days ago

    Get a small enclosed trailer to haul behind it to hold your gear it makes life so much better not trying to cram everything in the camper van

  9. Loren Grad

    Loren Grad4 days ago

    you can kidnap me with that bus

  10. Michael A

    Michael A4 days ago

    That low ceiling will get old'll get a pop top.-)

  11. Trevor Jacobson

    Trevor Jacobson5 days ago

    This is gonna be next level bro! Best of luck!!

  12. madtownangler

    madtownangler5 days ago

    Just don't get pulled over by the cops in Wisconsin in a van when you are not wearing a seatbelt and playing video games. Those brats look awesome. I just heard an ice cream truck drive by at 6:35 pm in Wisconsin. I think you need curtains for the van.

  13. Jesse Johnson

    Jesse Johnson5 days ago

    See ya stopped at the kwik trip in Baldwin,Wi! Live not far from there.

  14. Jack valk

    Jack valk6 days ago

    Chupapi vanañyo

  15. Ben M

    Ben M6 days ago

    I'm sure Jackery really appreciates the way you showed off their product. Too lazy to charge it and it dies halfway through the night and you don't even show the solar panels they sent with it. You should probably start showing a little more respect for those few sponsors that you do have or they will slowly start to dwindle away

  16. Charles Eymann

    Charles Eymann22 hours ago

    Stay mad bro

  17. laotouaxiong

    laotouaxiong6 days ago

    Looks like a perv. Car, don’t go handing candy out

  18. Joseph Aiello

    Joseph Aiello6 days ago

    Name it the white bird

  19. Michael Meyer

    Michael Meyer7 days ago

    How about the MinnDak Mule for a name

  20. Theoryography _

    Theoryography _7 days ago

    The Walmart version of Mav.

  21. Biggs Riggs

    Biggs Riggs7 days ago

    John, did you say a MOUNTIAN even within 100 miles of Fargo,ND? LMAO did you take LCD?

  22. Biggs Riggs

    Biggs Riggs7 days ago

    Dude drove all the way to Fargo(where I'm at) then HOURS ON HOURS to Wisconsin, MinnDak is wild af

  23. Larry Morris

    Larry Morris7 days ago

    I would get new rims and tires for the van

  24. Aaron Jaramillo

    Aaron Jaramillo7 days ago

    8:56 John is bussin 🥴

  25. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors7 days ago

    He he

  26. Cody DeWandeler

    Cody DeWandeler7 days ago

    When I see that in town I'm going to spray paint "Free Bait" on the side

  27. Greg Kellar

    Greg Kellar7 days ago

    Name the van Big Daddy!!!!

  28. Pollo

    Pollo7 days ago

    John boi hook me up with one of your old jackery

  29. Squishy IceE

    Squishy IceE7 days ago

    Name it Van Jovi

  30. Levi Binford

    Levi Binford7 days ago

    i need this van!!!!!

  31. Crappie Kayak

    Crappie Kayak7 days ago

    What kind of portable generator is it?

  32. Andy Davis

    Andy Davis7 days ago

    “This is where we watch the hub”. What hub you talking about there John? Good ol’ game of soggy waffle? Trout? Trying to hit up Spencer?

  33. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors7 days ago


  34. Evan Craine

    Evan Craine7 days ago

    Definitely a good idea to spend some time in the van and think about what you like and don’t like. Make changes from there.

  35. Rackemup Outdoors

    Rackemup Outdoors7 days ago


  36. Canadian waterfowl Experience

    Canadian waterfowl Experience7 days ago

    Name it the ss MinnDak

  37. Wyat Shankel

    Wyat Shankel7 days ago

    And a winch for offroad purposes

  38. Michigan Mike

    Michigan Mike8 days ago

    Name it Hannah! Lol

  39. Alexis Orozco

    Alexis Orozco8 days ago

    Shave your head

  40. Cale Ellingson

    Cale Ellingson8 days ago

    if you don't put ice fishing holes in that van I'm going to be really disappointed

  41. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors7 days ago


  42. Action Now Outdoor Adventures

    Action Now Outdoor Adventures8 days ago

    van needs a wrap....

  43. Slot Couple

    Slot Couple8 days ago

    Name it the Fishin mission maker or just mission maker

  44. Hayden_ James

    Hayden_ James8 days ago

    Do a build serious on the van like put some mud tires on it pair it and add some cool things to it

  45. Reelin with Ryan

    Reelin with Ryan8 days ago

    The peedo van in action

  46. Brushem Teeth

    Brushem Teeth8 days ago

    17:30 - When was the last time you cleansed that gas grill?

  47. jwswanson87

    jwswanson878 days ago

    BOSCO Sticks!!!

  48. Jo sh

    Jo sh8 days ago

    Of all the people you travel to go see. That guy is my least favorite. Dude just puts off bad vibes.

  49. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors7 days ago

    That’s facts idk why I hangout with him

  50. Derek Mclean

    Derek Mclean8 days ago

    MinnDak Outdoors if your anywhere near green bay area try the fox river for walleye.

  51. Mike Koren

    Mike Koren8 days ago

    Dirty Mike and the boys want their shack back lol

  52. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors7 days ago


  53. shxtevo tank

    shxtevo tank8 days ago

    shaggin wagon

  54. CE

    CE8 days ago

    Name her VANNA WHITE. So u be in her every night😄

  55. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors7 days ago


  56. kjlee11

    kjlee118 days ago

    Name it "Egg Whites"!

  57. caden culbert

    caden culbert8 days ago

    Colab with MAV

  58. Saber Outdoors

    Saber Outdoors8 days ago

    You need curtains in your van

  59. Kaiden Alvarez

    Kaiden Alvarez8 days ago

    Love it man gonna be some great content in this thing

  60. Xophan Lo

    Xophan Lo8 days ago

    Your van needs more upgrades to it. Add insulation to prevent heat from going out of your van. I recommend Mav bc he’s a truck guy that does amazing videos with him camping in his truck. He’ll give you some tips to make it more comfortable to your likings

  61. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors7 days ago


  62. Richard Seely

    Richard Seely8 days ago

    You should name your van the white taco

  63. I’m_justJr

    I’m_justJr8 days ago

    Ik I’m late but what on Sam hell is going on 😂 kids don’t go to the van he has no Candy 😂

  64. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors7 days ago


  65. bloodvow333

    bloodvow3338 days ago

    Dak attack foe van name

  66. Isaak Blue

    Isaak Blue8 days ago

    At this point you may as well start asking Mav for video ideas😂😂 find some original content

  67. cbswag.

    cbswag.8 days ago

    This is where we watch the old hub 😂

  68. j ryder

    j ryder8 days ago

    name it the candy van bahahah

  69. j ryder

    j ryder8 days ago

    there called bratwurst brah not wieners

  70. Chong Yang

    Chong Yang8 days ago

    Connect with a youtuber by the name of Mav. He does a lot of truck camping. Would love to see a colab.

  71. Ronnie Morrison

    Ronnie Morrison8 days ago

    please dont hand out candy lol

  72. j ryder

    j ryder8 days ago

    charge it when rolling from cigarettes' plug in

  73. Bill Hamllik

    Bill Hamllik8 days ago

    Sheeew my guy fire vid

  74. Scott Frake

    Scott Frake8 days ago

    I heard that Alt-J intro! Road Trip!!

  75. Cody S

    Cody S8 days ago

    50$ for the dude with the banana no questions asked

  76. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors8 days ago


  77. noah frank

    noah frank8 days ago

    God is great

  78. Lucas Mink

    Lucas Mink8 days ago

    They have Mayo packets by the hot dogs...

  79. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson Stroup8 days ago


  80. Too Many Hobbies

    Too Many Hobbies8 days ago

    “I’m starting to get pissed off Jon” 😂😂😂😂 so aggressive

  81. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors8 days ago


  82. Samantha WOOD

    Samantha WOOD8 days ago

    U should paint it red or something

  83. Travis Jacobson

    Travis Jacobson8 days ago

    This is gonna be a fun series with the Van. Thanks for the content 👍🏻

  84. Mikey Davis

    Mikey Davis8 days ago

    If your battery goes under 11v you will maybe get shut down by the solar controller

  85. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors8 days ago


  86. eli ferrell

    eli ferrell8 days ago

    I live this vannnnnnn!!!!!

  87. Brian Cunningham

    Brian Cunningham8 days ago

    Vandigo like windigo lmao

  88. Slot Couple

    Slot Couple8 days ago

    The cream machine for your meat eating

  89. hello

    hello8 days ago

    please zoom into dustin's face even more next time🤣🤣

  90. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors8 days ago


  91. Andrew Thompson

    Andrew Thompson8 days ago

    Awesome van love it !

  92. Andrew Thompson

    Andrew Thompson8 days ago

    That man that was grilling ! what a man

  93. Raul Fonseca

    Raul Fonseca8 days ago

    Hey John what do you think of the name WHITE CLAW for the van I think that's a good one unless you wrap it any thoughts on the name

  94. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors8 days ago

    That’s pretty good

  95. Jordan Guillory

    Jordan Guillory8 days ago

    You need a buddy heater. Electric heaters are gonna draw way too much power. Glad the van sleeps well though.

  96. Isaac Johnson

    Isaac Johnson8 days ago

    Peric 2.0? Edit: All jokes 😂

  97. Operator Sergey Ivanov

    Operator Sergey Ivanov8 days ago

    i guess i can say been here from the start

  98. Koalafie d

    Koalafie d8 days ago

    Should be a blast

  99. Matthew Clark

    Matthew Clark8 days ago

    Dude your van kicks ass

  100. Diablo Blanco

    Diablo Blanco8 days ago


  101. mike delacruz

    mike delacruz8 days ago

    The “Patented Foot Stomp” was on point My Guy 😉👌!!

  102. mike delacruz

    mike delacruz8 days ago

    Sweet Maiden voyage My Guy 👊🏼😎🤙🏼! How did you like sleeping in the rig compared to the “Taco Tent” may i ask?!?

  103. mike delacruz

    mike delacruz8 days ago

    Right on Bro, hey you got the Best of BOTH worlds!! And pretty frickn sweet new Jackery.. i Need 1 of those! Cheers Pimp 🍻🤘🏼

  104. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors8 days ago

    That’s a good question! It’s a close one!

  105. Rousey

    Rousey8 days ago

    Give it a Lift, Some off road tires, and a new MinnDak Outdoors Wrap. She’ll be lookin clean 🧼 🤙🏻

  106. Eric Wessel

    Eric Wessel8 days ago

    Love the van dude! Are those long sleeves available, lookin fire

  107. ON THE FLY

    ON THE FLY8 days ago

    You should name your van MinnD

  108. Jarrett wick

    Jarrett wick8 days ago

    Name it the white mistress

  109. John H

    John H8 days ago

    your videos are awesome, but literally everytime you go film with someone they give you the "get that FxC*ing camera out of my face" never fails.

  110. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors8 days ago


  111. Nikitaflips Khrapov

    Nikitaflips Khrapov8 days ago

    you should do some mn fishing

  112. Morgan Tupa

    Morgan Tupa8 days ago

    Yo, I want that long sleeve! Are they available?

  113. Eastern Outdoors

    Eastern Outdoors8 days ago

    You bought a new truck and then a new van.

  114. Calais Xiong

    Calais Xiong8 days ago

    Dude MinnDak! You just showed that house’s address in the beginning! Better blur it out. And that 4x4 License Plate.

  115. Ryan Lee

    Ryan Lee8 days ago

    Why? It's perfectly legal

  116. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak Outdoors8 days ago

    Oh well

  117. Thiex's Outdoors

    Thiex's Outdoors8 days ago

    Man handled that banana at the end

  118. J B

    J B8 days ago

    Dope. Check the gfi reset button on the center of the outlet or check the solar panel charge controller in the back of that cabinet.

  119. EH96

    EH968 days ago

    Probably just a blown fuse, heaters pull a ton of amps