EPIC Lake Trout Ice Fishing! (CATCH CLEAN COOK)

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I finally caught my first ever lake trout! I love fishing for these fish so much! Lake Superior was defiantly worth the drive!


  1. Pangchia Vang

    Pangchia VangMonth ago


  2. Eric Schultz

    Eric SchultzMonth ago

    Lake trout can get to be like 20 pounds or more

  3. Thomas Voeltz

    Thomas VoeltzMonth ago

    You should use Wild Rice.

  4. Cooper Will

    Cooper WillMonth ago

    so we just gonna ignore that he just snapped his rod?!

  5. leif cave

    leif caveMonth ago

    I like how you said it’s garlic Parmesan cheese when really it was GRATED Parmesan lol

  6. Miles Jungroth

    Miles JungrothMonth ago

    That was prb a 40+ laker for sure

  7. Peng Yang

    Peng YangMonth ago

    Bro bro!!! Damn thats on my bucket list to catch a laker on ice out of Superior! Would love some tips n tricks!!! But damn that rod breakage though!!! Haha good ups

  8. suburbanangling

    suburbananglingMonth ago

    when your buddy lost that fish I put my hand over my mouth and gasped like I was there lmao the big ones always elude you

  9. Logan Nilsen

    Logan NilsenMonth ago

    Where did you get that hat I need one!!

  10. Outdoor Action Jackson

    Outdoor Action JacksonMonth ago

    You guy needa do a video we’re you guy meet up with flair agin

  11. Darrel Smith

    Darrel SmithMonth ago

    I love your content, as it's close to where I grew up and now I'm living in Rapid City. But I do have to question, why do you still have your Christmas tree up? lol!

  12. Smokey Duck

    Smokey DuckMonth ago

    Maybe you guys tried it already, but usually if you're fishing in deeper water with current you can drop your transducer down a lot further than normal and let the current take it so it will pick up your jig. Works best if your transducer hole is behind your jigging hole. Sometimes your line can get wrapped in it but it's more rare than you would think. Just throwing it out there for the future. Love the vids!

  13. Txcy

    TxcyMonth ago

    Who else wants the pellet gun vids back

  14. Cody Rosenhiemer

    Cody RosenhiemerMonth ago

    You do your foil method the exact same way I do! It’s actually one of my favorite ways to cook certain types of fish

  15. Tom

    TomMonth ago

    Fb rods suck

  16. JumpmanJ 24

    JumpmanJ 24Month ago

    Right on brother just got back from 2 day laker trip stayed on the ice in our pop up. got our limit in 2 hours all 1 over and 2 under we ended up having a fish fry on the ice for our overs. I recommend next time you cook it do not worry about fillet just cut head and tail off gut it and cook with skin on so delicious much easier prep and you will love it i also have a sweet maple syrup recipe that I'm sure you would love !

  17. June Nagel

    June NagelMonth ago

    Awesome, nice job

  18. No Smoke

    No SmokeMonth ago

    Garlic parmesan? Didn't it say grated?

  19. Robb King

    Robb KingMonth ago

    Be cool to see you take smack um to kill snows with Bobby Guy

  20. Shain Smith

    Shain SmithMonth ago

    Blind jigging?.... nope called fishing!

  21. mike delacruz

    mike delacruzMonth ago

    Yesss, run it back My Guy πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ˜ŽπŸ€™πŸΌ

  22. mike delacruz

    mike delacruzMonth ago

    Rice and Trout bro...πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ˜‹πŸ‘Œ!! Awesome catch pimp, and my heart sunk when that Giant came off!! Keep em coming my guy πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ˜ŽπŸ€™πŸΌ

  23. kennedy biriouk

    kennedy birioukMonth ago

    Gotta get those transducers down in the current. Love the vid

  24. Daniel Isham

    Daniel IshamMonth ago

    Nice job. Been going up for the last 25 years and it is always awesome. Leave the stinger free of bait or very small lake shiner. Try lemon slices on the top instead of the juice

  25. ryan rondeau

    ryan rondeauMonth ago

    Atta guy Dustin. Jigging without a vex, we call that bird boxing

  26. ryan rondeau

    ryan rondeauMonth ago

    Minn dark outdoors, coin that phrase in the next vid!

  27. Blade Snipes

    Blade SnipesMonth ago

    That was a spot on LFG impersonation!

  28. Jeremy Matlock

    Jeremy MatlockMonth ago

    Could you say OH MY GOD like 20 more time πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž. Probably a better word to show your excitement im guessing?

  29. Cheenue Moua

    Cheenue MouaMonth ago

    Rice make everything 2x better

  30. Jason Born

    Jason BornMonth ago

    That broken rod can be replaced and I know you'll be right back at it, bro... but hey, I just saw this mad catch and cook speed challenge you gotta try... on the ice it would be a breeze... can you beat the time?? uslikes.info/house/nYeflax6u294mKo/video.html

  31. J.J. Clingman

    J.J. ClingmanMonth ago

    I definitely want to see some more lake trout on the good old dinner plate for sure!! That looked so amazing & delicious!! I want to see you back out there right now catching some more Lakers for sure!!! Awesome video buddy!!

  32. Hard core gamer I like fortnite

    Hard core gamer I like fortniteMonth ago

    Frost bite rods are cheeks

  33. Un Anciano 64

    Un Anciano 64Month ago

    Where did you go out of?I spend lots of time up by the apostle islands and have always wanted to fish it

  34. christian franc

    christian francMonth ago

    Awesome content love the vibes

  35. Nicholas Kirk

    Nicholas KirkMonth ago

    Galic parmesan cheese? U mean GRATED parmesan cheese πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  36. Deborah Crews

    Deborah CrewsMonth ago

    Next time try using mayonnaise in stead of butter and fresh lemon slices and season with your favorite seasoning and bake as usual!! Believe me when I was told about it I was skeptical myself until I tried it!!! Yummy yummy!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŽ£πŸŽ£πŸŽ£

  37. Carson James

    Carson JamesMonth ago

    Lift and drop 6 inches, glow swim baits tipped with smelt. They’ll eat it every time

  38. Hard core gamer I like fortnite

    Hard core gamer I like fortniteMonth ago

    Does it work if you fish in a current with a camera πŸ€”

  39. North Star Fishing

    North Star FishingMonth ago

    Great video dude. I just went ice fishing on my channel too and caught a MONSTER Walleye

  40. Chad Lederer

    Chad LedererMonth ago

    Do you just follow Tom around?

  41. Ken Seymour

    Ken SeymourMonth ago

    Go back

  42. Michael Schnoor

    Michael SchnoorMonth ago

    Something special about those lakers,keeps ya wanting more action.

  43. Ball's Off The Wall Reptiles.

    Ball's Off The Wall Reptiles.Month ago

    When you snapped that rod, I lost so much respect for you my guy.

  44. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson StroupMonth ago


  45. The Chummies

    The ChummiesMonth ago

    Superior was neat but you should really come up to Alaska for some Arctic Char

  46. Michael Swenson

    Michael SwensonMonth ago

    Should have bought a slugger or mr big before going

  47. Bob Marley

    Bob MarleyMonth ago

    So when will you release your signature rods πŸ˜‚ lol

  48. me

    meMonth ago

    Use a spoon for rice, we asian

  49. Kevin Winkler

    Kevin WinklerMonth ago

    Are you gone yet?

  50. Jovanni D.

    Jovanni D.Month ago

    Lake trout is phenomenal!!!!

  51. Garron Mayorga

    Garron MayorgaMonth ago

    Great way to advertise ur rod man😹love the videos πŸ’―

  52. plumberjoe80

    plumberjoe80Month ago

    Caught a 22” lake trout on a mountain lake in Wyoming. That was right before I caught a 17” brook trout. My buddies were so jealous. Cooked it on an open flame with some lemon pepper. Only laker I’ve ever caught. Got it on a gold mepps spinner and an ultralight pack rod. It was a blast. Those suckers fight!

  53. Filipp Filinkov

    Filipp FilinkovMonth ago

    Did you mention Tick Tock shmok?

  54. Bob Marley

    Bob MarleyMonth ago

    2:53 no electronics but you see two fish finders on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  55. Bob Marley

    Bob MarleyMonth ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors I seee awesome video

  56. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    Yes but you can not mark anything with theM

  57. Wesley Shafer

    Wesley ShaferMonth ago

    I love trout fishing of all kinds. You should do fly fishing this summer in creeks and streams

  58. crazy redneck

    crazy redneckMonth ago

    What is there Chanel

  59. Jems Books

    Jems BooksMonth ago

    I remember when you guys had like 50k subs, they grow so fast

  60. Henry

    HenryMonth ago

    breaking that rod made me cringe... NOOOOOOOO

  61. Token_ASIAN !

    Token_ASIAN !Month ago

    Can we all get a moment of silence for that unknown monster that snapped off πŸ™

  62. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  63. Tsudoshi09

    Tsudoshi09Month ago

    So weird hearing you name elsewhere lol.

  64. Cohen Spitzer

    Cohen SpitzerMonth ago

    So no ones gonna talk about him just snapping his rod in half for fun lol

  65. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    It caught me 2 fish πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  66. Jeni Park

    Jeni ParkMonth ago

    8:18 it sounds like you just gave birth lol

  67. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  68. Badback60

    Badback60Month ago

    Right on, keep rocking the catch clean cook!

  69. Thomas Voeltz

    Thomas VoeltzMonth ago

    There are Lake Trout in Lake of the Woods.

  70. Fab ulous

    Fab ulousMonth ago

    RIP to that rod! πŸ˜‚

  71. Dirty Jersey

    Dirty JerseyMonth ago

    Did you inhale some parm when you got that big wiff lmfao. I asked because I have done that when I smelled some spaghetti πŸ˜‚

  72. Sanjeev Harrinarine

    Sanjeev HarrinarineMonth ago

    More lake superior catch clean cook please sir. Please please please...

  73. LakeErieMonster

    LakeErieMonsterMonth ago

    The sound of a screaming reel 🀀

  74. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    We love that

  75. madtownangler

    madtownanglerMonth ago

    I don't use electronics either for ice fishing. I just watch my rod tip.

  76. TheCatfishKid

    TheCatfishKidMonth ago

    Dude why did you brake your rod instead of going and getting a new one

  77. Harrison Travis

    Harrison TravisMonth ago

    Has Jon ever done a catch and cook he didn’t like

  78. rippen outdoors

    rippen outdoorsMonth ago

    u should do a smelt catch and cook

  79. Martin Fortin

    Martin FortinMonth ago

    funny thing Lake trout are not really a trout they belong to the artic char family

  80. Andy Anderson

    Andy AndersonMonth ago

    Did you know that there is wood pulp mixed in your parmesan cheese?

  81. Jordan Leino

    Jordan LeinoMonth ago

    Fishing in Bayfield-Red cliff area?

  82. mike gillihan

    mike gillihanMonth ago

    Catch and cook i saw no clean

  83. Thiex's Outdoors

    Thiex's OutdoorsMonth ago

    That meal looked like a heart attack in a half πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  84. Achilles Duo

    Achilles DuoMonth ago

    Go for it. Don’t think, do!

  85. Jason Carr

    Jason CarrMonth ago

    I cant be the only one who cringed at the sound of the rod breaking πŸ˜‚

  86. Jason Carr

    Jason CarrMonth ago

    @christian franc that's exactly why I treat my stuff like a fragile baby I cant afford to buy a new rod every time I wanna go fishing πŸ˜‚

  87. christian franc

    christian francMonth ago

    That sound truly is heartbreaking whenever you hear it

  88. Jason Carr

    Jason CarrMonth ago

    @Jeremy Idle your right about that but I'll never not cringe from that sound its heart breaking when its not on purpose and one of those "oh πŸ’©" moments πŸ˜‚

  89. Jeremy Idle

    Jeremy IdleMonth ago

    Fake it till you make it

  90. Al Auclair

    Al AuclairMonth ago

    Get after them lakers!

  91. Zeak Wilson

    Zeak WilsonMonth ago

    Man i felt that when Dustin lost that fish R.I.P

  92. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  93. Sunny Lee

    Sunny LeeMonth ago

    Yeh, def more lake superior vids

  94. Tyler Knight

    Tyler KnightMonth ago

    Saw DUDE

  95. Owen Janiszeski

    Owen JaniszeskiMonth ago

    Next time put a lot of your transducer line down the hole and your transducer will go with the current and you will be able to see your bait

  96. Jack Off

    Jack OffMonth ago

    I thought of that but aren’t they fishing really deep so it would have to be pretty far away?

  97. Joey Blanchard

    Joey BlanchardMonth ago

    What depth are you at? Does livescope not work?

  98. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago

    100 ft and the current would not let it work

  99. Matt Phillips

    Matt PhillipsMonth ago

    That’s was a good time!!

  100. david Carp

    david CarpMonth ago

    I know you didn’t try to lip the laker

  101. Matthew Decker

    Matthew DeckerMonth ago

    He thought twice about it lol

  102. Senor Frog

    Senor FrogMonth ago

    As I watch this, I found myself rooting for you to catch a big one ! Great cooking lesson I would season both side and leave in oven for 24 mins.πŸ™‚

  103. Nico Schultz

    Nico SchultzMonth ago

    That was awesome watching you catch and eat a lake trout it makes me want to catch one now

  104. Brandon Witte

    Brandon WitteMonth ago

    I want to come with you so bad

  105. Daniel Nedry

    Daniel NedryMonth ago

    Go back to Superior!

  106. James Gray

    James GrayMonth ago

    Chiefin in there huh πŸ˜‚

  107. Bryce Corson

    Bryce CorsonMonth ago

    I was watching the wolves game and I didn’t realize that you had a cousin that played for them. Jake Layman

  108. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  109. Will Pekelder

    Will PekelderMonth ago

    Sheeeesh guy rip Dustin

  110. Dylan Hockenson

    Dylan HockensonMonth ago

    Get them lake trout

  111. Brad Armstrong

    Brad ArmstrongMonth ago

    Congratulations on your first lake trout! Enjoyed the trip. Bring Sam the next time you go. That trout was once swimming in Lake Superior and then in a lake of butter. Hehehe πŸ˜‹

  112. Gary Gasser

    Gary GasserMonth ago

    Yep you should go back and you might get a trout of a life time !

  113. WisconsinWaterfowl !

    WisconsinWaterfowl !Month ago

    Damn I feel bad for Dustin

  114. WisconsinWaterfowl !

    WisconsinWaterfowl !Month ago

    @MinnDak Outdoors we know that thing was massive

  115. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  116. Leng Vang

    Leng VangMonth ago

    Fish on brother but that hook off though dang

  117. Mr Brinkman

    Mr BrinkmanMonth ago

    No tucking way bro I litterly past you At a intersection this morning

  118. GouletJohnny

    GouletJohnnyMonth ago

    I want to see more lake trout fishing!

  119. MinnDak Outdoors

    MinnDak OutdoorsMonth ago


  120. William Bridges

    William BridgesMonth ago

    Me to