Spring Fishing For GIANT Crappies In Flooded Timber!

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Justin and I headed down to Missouri to chase some giant crappies. Unfortunately the weather was not great and slowed the bite down. Thanks for watching:)


  1. Carl Powers

    Carl Powers21 day ago

    You left us hanging....what was the 100 nuggets for?

  2. Gage Newman

    Gage Newman21 day ago

    I don't know if the dudes will reply, but I desperately need Walleye tips I want to catch my first one, I have the saucy swimmers but how I should run them?

  3. Maks Lecocq

    Maks Lecocq21 day ago

    Love you Mindel you make my day better

  4. Bill Hamllik

    Bill Hamllik22 days ago

    Sheeew papi big chungus

  5. Blaze Allday

    Blaze Allday22 days ago


  6. Blaze Allday

    Blaze Allday22 days ago

    What's up with flair make a video

  7. Neddy Fishing

    Neddy Fishing22 days ago

    Is Justin crackedddd at fortnite my guy

  8. Andrew Sandoz

    Andrew Sandoz22 days ago

    Always watch the ads on this channel

  9. john vang

    john vang22 days ago

    title is kinda misleading lmao

  10. 217 rebel outdoors

    217 rebel outdoors22 days ago

    Great video man keep them lines tight new sub here

  11. The fly tyer

    The fly tyer22 days ago

    What lake is that ?

  12. Zachary Langanki

    Zachary Langanki22 days ago

    For spawning crappie I would use black and green or all white crappie tube skirts. Just my opinion

  13. Red Oak Outdoors

    Red Oak Outdoors22 days ago

    I caught my Pb walleye today on my lunch break and immediately thought of MINNDAK!

  14. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson Stroup22 days ago


  15. Michael M

    Michael M22 days ago

    Love the content bro

  16. Kaiden Alvarez

    Kaiden Alvarez22 days ago

    Love me some MINNDAK

  17. Cali Inca

    Cali Inca22 days ago

    You were crushing the bass on them swimbaits! Always diggin the fishin videos on the channel and keep doin your thing 🔨👊🏼🧢

  18. Senor Frog

    Senor Frog22 days ago

    Wow the fight getting the bass to the boat look fun.

  19. Leng Vang

    Leng Vang22 days ago

    That crappie almost hit you my dude lol

  20. Tom

    Tom22 days ago

    It's 2021, where's the livescope?

  21. Tiny fluffy

    Tiny fluffy22 days ago

    You guys should get a boat. If you do I got really nice trolling motor minn Kota 70 like brand new not old worn out in Wisconsin

  22. Brad Armstrong

    Brad Armstrong22 days ago

    Enjoyed the video Sam

  23. Born Wild

    Born Wild22 days ago

    Keep the vids coming. Hope you guys have a killer spawning season.

  24. Hayes Johnson

    Hayes Johnson22 days ago

    Thanks for absolutely grinding- you are up to great things. One of the most underrated youtubers out there. Glad to see you back with Bonzo and Flair too. Flairs vids aren’t the same with the Slaydaddy anymore

  25. Dovie Kasey

    Dovie Kasey22 days ago

    0:28 bed.immo

  26. Paige McAdaragh

    Paige McAdaragh22 days ago

    i’m your biggest fan

  27. Jaylin Bahena

    Jaylin Bahena22 days ago

    You guys should come to broken bow Oklahoma and do some fishing

  28. Wiegand Charity

    Wiegand Charity22 days ago

    0:10 vom.lol

  29. Jacksino11

    Jacksino1122 days ago

    Homework can wait MinnDak just posted

  30. Halvy Outdoors

    Halvy Outdoors22 days ago

    Seen u on the fox yesterday

  31. Eli Swatosh

    Eli Swatosh22 days ago

    Love to see a Mindak vid right out of school

  32. Joe Lewis

    Joe Lewis22 days ago

    Hey Minndak love the vids You guys should come and duck and goose hunt with me next fall in Southern MN. If the fly like they are right now and do the same in the fall we will have a hay day. Look me up on snap

  33. Rosammy

    Rosammy22 days ago

    I like the thumbnail🙂


    BKOUTDOORS22 days ago

    I don't care what anyone says, by me or other places beetle spins work the Absolutely best

  35. The Bass boys

    The Bass boys13 days ago

    Bro they catch everything! Crappie walleye bass sunfish bluegill perch and sometimes pike

  36. Trey Lindenfelser

    Trey Lindenfelser21 day ago

    Yup so does click bait

  37. Bassslayer 13

    Bassslayer 1322 days ago


  38. Kronik Outdoors

    Kronik Outdoors22 days ago

    Great vid

  39. Alexander Abreu

    Alexander Abreu22 days ago

    I hope you see this keep up the amazing work love your videos reach your dreams love the videos

  40. Hank Skills

    Hank Skills22 days ago

    You should try to use tube jigs

  41. Alex Walsh

    Alex Walsh22 days ago

    Awesome video my guy

  42. Cade Parham

    Cade Parham22 days ago


  43. CK Outdoors

    CK Outdoors22 days ago

    Hey Minndak can u play huntercallofthewild if u have a Xbox what’s your name so I can add u

  44. Merrickgardner Outdoors

    Merrickgardner Outdoors22 days ago

    I love ur yotube

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