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  1. Devin Jarko

    Devin Jarko11 minutes ago

    i love pike show them off some more!

  2. Dane Gilewski

    Dane Gilewski26 minutes ago

    Always love a good mindak vid

  3. Jake Talbot

    Jake TalbotHour ago


  4. Teagen Niemeyer

    Teagen Niemeyer2 hours ago

    How many spots do u go to and not catch any fish? I’ve been fishing like crazy on the east side of SD and have only found 1 good spot and 1 decent spot.

  5. Jackson Stroup

    Jackson Stroup3 hours ago



    JOHN SALAZAR 23 hours ago

    Love the waleye and pike fishing videos, I love this type of content🎣


    JOHN SALAZAR 23 hours ago

    Bro forgot to tell you, Flair's wife Macy is gonna have a baby and If you get in touch he might make you T shirt that's says Uncle Beefcake or Uncle Jon and Sam👼👕

  8. Matthew Decker

    Matthew Decker3 hours ago

    Boat camp would be cool

  9. Hunter Wiest

    Hunter Wiest4 hours ago

    I just got my frist kayak cant wait to take it out

  10. Jaxon Bush

    Jaxon Bush4 hours ago

    Bro thanks so much just absolutely grinding it out. Love the vids Slayman, keep it up man!!

  11. Chris Rettig

    Chris Rettig4 hours ago

    Do a survival challenge and find or trap your own bait. Also tried some grilled eye (skin on with butter and seasoning).

  12. Jake Talbot

    Jake Talbot4 hours ago

    Could you do some squarl hunting videos

  13. Tim Wagner

    Tim Wagner4 hours ago

    What’s the lights around the house ceilings???

  14. Tim Wagner

    Tim Wagner4 hours ago

    I am interested in the scanner setup you had on the kayak????talk about that. What you see on it if anything?

  15. Jake Talbot

    Jake Talbot4 hours ago

    I love your videos

  16. Alex Walsh

    Alex Walsh4 hours ago

    Good video minndak I enjoy it big time

  17. austin grainger

    austin grainger4 hours ago

    Come hunt in va next year for deer/ducks

  18. Donny Patoine

    Donny Patoine5 hours ago

    Banger! Walleye aren't open till May long weekend in Ontario (my area anyway), I'm stuck with catfish and panfish till then 😪

  19. Dawaski Sanders

    Dawaski Sanders5 hours ago

    frst let go

  20. Wayne Benjamin

    Wayne Benjamin5 hours ago

    Sheewww nice walleye’s daddy

  21. Cooper Skjerven

    Cooper Skjerven5 hours ago

    Where are you fishing cause how can u keep them

  22. Kronik Outdoors

    Kronik Outdoors5 hours ago

    Love the vids

  23. Reelin with Ryan

    Reelin with Ryan5 hours ago


  24. Joseph Hudson

    Joseph Hudson5 hours ago

    0:10 bed.cab

  25. ClaimahCaidan

    ClaimahCaidan5 hours ago

    Lets GOOOOO!!1

  26. Carter Wambold

    Carter Wambold5 hours ago

    did you hear about flairs baby,

  27. Dayton Adams

    Dayton Adams5 hours ago

    You guys are awesome I like you so much because everyone fishes for bass which I like but seeing you guys catch walleye is awesome

  28. Hope Puma

    Hope Puma5 hours ago

    Love your content

  29. ADF Outdoors

    ADF Outdoors5 hours ago

    Wassup man

  30. Logan Johnson

    Logan Johnson5 hours ago

    Yo love the vids man. Keep them coming.

  31. Bass Fisher

    Bass Fisher5 hours ago

    You and flair r the best youtuber s

  32. Hope Puma

    Hope Puma5 hours ago

    Sheesh first I love your videos keep it up it’s funny

  33. Devin hofdahl

    Devin hofdahl5 hours ago

    solid vid like always

  34. Brian Gaming

    Brian Gaming5 hours ago

    I’m last an I love yo vids

  35. Wags 12

    Wags 125 hours ago

    Let’s go 1

  36. Arv Maheshwari

    Arv Maheshwari5 hours ago

    Kayak Fishin' Is awesome!

  37. Joe Lewis

    Joe Lewis7 hours ago

    The Sagan wagon


    MERICAN MIKE7 hours ago


  39. Ankles 4vc

    Ankles 4vc13 hours ago

    Need to name it the slayer shack🔥🔥🔥

  40. Jack Beltzer

    Jack Beltzer15 hours ago

    Name it Douglas

  41. Re Wadena

    Re Wadena19 hours ago

    "minndak"code didn't work for me at mtb website.

  42. Jacob Sweere

    Jacob Sweere20 hours ago


  43. Christine Hill

    Christine Hill21 hour ago

    It's a lot of walleyes videos. Something new like bass or camping and catch clean and cook

  44. Preston Vanzile

    Preston Vanzile21 hour ago

    Name it vanzilla

  45. Sam Troutwine

    Sam Troutwine21 hour ago

    Peep the tan line from glasses

  46. James Walters

    James Walters21 hour ago

    You and your brother goofy golfing would make a funny video. Y’all are truly fun to watch but a certain amount of your viewership is southern and a walleye is something we can’t care any less about.

  47. Hank Skills

    Hank Skills22 hours ago

    I like how he just dangles his noodles in all of the other food

  48. Hank Skills

    Hank Skills22 hours ago

    Love the randomness

  49. Fishy

    Fishy23 hours ago

    you should name the Van... Vanessa like Van-nessa

  50. Filipp Filinkov

    Filipp FilinkovDay ago

    Dang I hate click baits🙃

  51. Thomas Voeltz

    Thomas VoeltzDay ago

    I would like to see some videos of Walleye &/or Perch fishing on Devils Lake, ND.

  52. Yogesh Kale

    Yogesh KaleDay ago

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  53. David Janousek

    David JanousekDay ago

    Name the van Great White Buffalo

  54. Action Now Outdoor Adventures

    Action Now Outdoor AdventuresDay ago

    lambo needs a fishing kyack on the roof.

  55. Jordan Wiggins

    Jordan WigginsDay ago

    Come to Minnesota and do a state park challenge with your van. People would love to see what each state park has to offer and there are a TON of great fishing state parks in MN

  56. Jordan Wiggins

    Jordan WigginsDay ago

    I don't think people are getting sick of fishing it's just the lack of adventure in my opinion. I think you guys should start doing trout fishing videos. More and more people are getting interested in trout including myself

  57. wootang1000

    wootang1000Day ago

    Hu Hot SLAMS

  58. Nikitaflips Khrapov

    Nikitaflips KhrapovDay ago

    You should fish for trout and salmon and steelhead on the north shore

  59. Lauden and Jake’s wild Outdoors

    Lauden and Jake’s wild OutdoorsDay ago

    The Big Big beast

  60. Bryce Cooks

    Bryce CooksDay ago

    Name your van Alex peric

  61. Boyce Way

    Boyce WayDay ago

    I think it's "Sam's and my life." The van looks like a Betty Sue.

  62. Livin MN Outdoors

    Livin MN OutdoorsDay ago

    Those were some beautiful walleyes. HuHot is my favorite restaurant. I only get to eat it when I visit family in sioux falls.

  63. Ethan Poll

    Ethan PollDay ago

    Name the van Marty the mini van

  64. Dropshot Pete

    Dropshot PeteDay ago

    Name the van “minndakawagon” say it with a German accent lol

  65. Easton Goering

    Easton GoeringDay ago

    you should name it minndak roller

  66. Kennykoalaz

    KennykoalazDay ago

    Thanks for the vid!

  67. peter Jackson

    peter JacksonDay ago

    So stupid

  68. clyde710x

    clyde710xDay ago

    #themondomachine kinda like the mystery machine except you only catch mondos

  69. Northwest Rivers Fishing

    Northwest Rivers FishingDay ago

    That was a great promo lmfao. No way walmart sells MTB...🤣

  70. Logan Shakal

    Logan ShakalDay ago

    That is not a minnow John

  71. Nathan Wedll

    Nathan WedllDay ago

    Love the fishing videos and I think many other people do. I just think a lot of people don’t hit the like button when they are done watching the video

  72. Mika Turunen

    Mika TurunenDay ago

    I`ts better, pick up the fish from fly or bate. Not hands, too little fishes. Other ways ,great video !

  73. Sway ConJon

    Sway ConJonDay ago

    I love metro boat launch it’s my favorite

  74. John Johnson

    John JohnsonDay ago

    why go fishing to catch the best fish just to toss them back peace out edit and its not like walleye fight is good, it's like catching a log

  75. Phantom 007

    Phantom 007Day ago

    Dangler den for a van name

  76. John Johnson

    John JohnsonDay ago

    eating grapes but gags at the smell of fried walleye, she's a freak, or she is pregnant edit she's just strange

  77. Depulse _44

    Depulse _44Day ago

    What do you think the best lure is for spring walley

  78. Alfredo Griego

    Alfredo GriegoDay ago


  79. Alfredo Griego

    Alfredo GriegoDay ago


  80. Chris Olk

    Chris OlkDay ago

    This is some gay stuff right here, I was down until you both climbed into bed together. Like you dudes were rubbing your morning word on each other. Fail